Site Updates: December 2006

  • December 25, 2006

    Ho, ho...ho! Merry Christmas! Or, you know, Happy December Twenty-Fifth! Here is's present to you: Part 2 of our Klembom interview! Get even MORE insights into the writing process, music selection, and bad prosthetics that go into making Veronica Mars. Phil and John talked a lot, so we'll bring you the final installment next week.

    Now go watch 1.10 "An Echolls Family Christmas." You know you want to.

  • December 17, 2006

    Oh, winter hiatus. Do you guys miss your favorite show? Don't you wish you could avoid your family's constant nagging about "When are you going to find a nice boy and settle down?" and "Put on a few pounds, have you?" and "Stop poking your grandmother with the machete, dearest" by just holing up in your room and watching Veronica Mars on your iPod? Because NOW YOU CAN!

    Download Veronica Mars Season 3 on iTunes! Tell all your friends who are too inept to work a television, tell all those people who saved The Office, tell anyone who looks like they might have a Nielsen box. Legally downloading television is the wave of the future! Seriously, look at those numbers!

    In addition, while you're holed up in your room, fire up your BlackBerry or whatever and read Part One of our fabulous interview with Phil Klemmer and John Enbom! It turns out that the road to writing for an awesome television show is paved with nepotism and ennui.

  • December 3, 2006

    Note to people everywhere: that is how you do a mystery resolution. When the audience is slapping themselves for missing the clues that were staring them in the face the whole time, you know you did something right.

    You know who else did something right? The CW for (finally!) making an exciting promo AND airing it during popular shows. As a result, the show got its second-highest ratings EVER, and, suddenly, a fourth season doesn't look like such a pipe dream after all. Keep up the good fight, Martians! Or...Marshmallows Or...whatever we've taken to calling ourselves these days.

    Here's the list of stuff that we updated.
    Episode - Added quotes, details, roundtable review, cultural references, mystery speculation, and cast list for 3.09 "Spit & Eggs."
    Character bios - Updated the bios for Veronica Mars, Parker Lee, Stosh "Piz" Piznarski, Logan Echolls, Mercer Hayes, Moe Slater, Dean Cyrus O'Dell, Mindy O'Dell, Professor Hank Landry, Timothy Foyle, Chip Diller, Fern Delgado, Nancy Cooper, and Deputy Jerry Sacks. And as if Rob didn't stuff enough established characters into this episode, he also upgraded Bonnie Capistrano and Andrew "Drew" Barndale.
    Graveyard - Dean O'Dell is pushing up dirt, sadly.
    Who's Who - Added 40 new entries and 1 revised entry to the Who's Who.
    Mysteries - Updated "Who's the Hearst Rapist?" Did you call it? Did you? Did you call that the next mystery would be "Who Killed Dean O'Dell?"
    Timeline - Updated Before High School and The College Years - Freshman Year.
    Season Overview - Check out our spec about how the rape mystery would turn out.

    (Right here! Right now! Right here! Right now!

    What, you know it's stuck in your head too.)


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