The Great Handwriting Debacle

A Debate Using Pictures. Many, Many Pictures.

If you've looked through the site, you've seen just how obsessive we are. In fact, in the "Who's Who," we have bios for every person who's ever been named on the show — no matter how small or unimportant they are. This, of course, leads to some confusion. Especially when their names are signed sloppily in cursive and we can barely read them.

What am I babbling about? Well, you may remember in 2.03 "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang," Veronica found a signed picture of Curly and Aaron Echolls. Except there were two signed pictures before it that...weren't so legible.

It started like this:

Inigo: Wyk, these:
Perie Tiauttul


are the two photos before the one with Aaron and Curly. Can you have a look and
see if you can make out/confirm their names?

wyk: I think the blonde bimbo photo says "Peace, ??" not Perie Tiauttul. I can't make out the name. I'll email Rick about the names on the photos and the poster.

Polter-Cow: Also, I really doubt the dude's name is Crastopher. That's not a name. Maybe Cristopher or Christopher.

Inigo:: Look at the picture, P-C
And tell me what you do see
I think the H is missing
The "i" I'm not dismissing
But look close at the letter
If that's an "i" I'd better
See the doctor and be quick
The "a" an illusion? I'm sick.

Polter-Cow: Huh. I see the "Peace" for the bimbo now, and...what the hell? What the hell kind of name is Crastopher?

Inigo: I'm sold on peace. What's the next word?

grim squeaker: Ticrmm?

Polter-Cow: Dude, her name isn't Peace. Heh. She's signing it "Peace," followed by her name, however you spell it.

alliterator: Whine, whine, whine.

Eventually, the WW bios were called Perie Peace Tiauttul fuck it and Chr...Cri...Crasto...Whatever.

Polter-Cow: Family-friendly site, family-friendly site!!

I'm kind of vaguely serious. We I can curse all we I want to in the roundtable reviews, but for the official information-type things, we should probably keep it clean.

So it was changed to just Tiauttul. And people thought the controversy was over.

Polter-Cow: I'm going to make mini pizzas out of English muffins.

alliterator: You're going to make mini-pizzas out of Inigo? Gasp!

grim squeaker: So, Inigo is our English Muffin now?

alliterator: You'd be our German muffin, except I don't know if Germany has muffins.

Then, just when it was safe to enter the Who's Who thread, tragedy strikes.

marks of love: Rewatching 2.03 I totally spotted the I in "Crastopher."

grim squeaker: But is there an "h" as well?

marks of love: Nope. I'm looking at the picture that's up in the WW now. Definitely C-R-I.

marks of love then blithely took off for five-and-a-half hours, leaving her dismayed team members alone with MS Paint. This could be dangerous.

grim squeaker: I could change it to "Cristopher." (Ouch, I hope that's not one of these special "missing letters" again.)

alliterator: Or it could be "Gristopher."

Inigo: Where do you see the "i" marks?

grim squeaker: Ohh, I see it. It is slighty smudgy, but there is an "i" dot. Though now I also see a letter between the "r" and the "i."


grim squeaker: That's not the i dot I meant.
So what I see is basically Crti...


persnicketier: The r is a cursive lower case r with an i after it. Looks to me like Cristopher. The C goes into the ri. I traced it but don't know how to post a picture here.


I don't think the dot of an "i" works, persnick. It is a completely different colour. I see the CRIS if the right part of the "r" and the "i" didn't have a stroke going over the top of it.

Polter-Cow: I vote we punch Rick in the face.

persnicketier: Or he could just not have dotted his i. But the i seems darker anyway.


wyk: Regarding Crastopher: I think we found another entry for our MINi mafia section.

Inigo: The illustrated debate.

Is that on the over-reaching "r"? I don't think it's the "C" that extends over, as you had it but I can see the over-reaching "r."

Polter-Cow: Dude, that's it. I keep forgetting that the cursive "r" looks like that.

Cristopher is much more a name than Crastopher.

But Tiattul takes the cake.

Inigo: Okay - Cristopher it is.

Now, anyone want to play with this:

alliterator, apologies for I led you astray. Seeing it blown up, I think it's "Hot Rod," not "Hot Bod." You might want to change the bio.

alliterator: We should tell Rick to write more legibly.

Inigo: Well, that certainly makes more sense now. Excuse me while I kill myself.

misskiwi: Yeah, this has to go in MINi Mafia. Hee.

alliterator: The Ballad of the Bad Handwriting.

Inigo: Is there any doubt that the first two letters are TI?

alliterator: Looks like "Tir-" something.

wyk: The only girl name I can think of with a Ti is Tiffany.

Polter-Cow: Tiffany.

misskiwi: Tiffany is the only one I can find on a quick glance through an online name dictionary. Although apparently "Titty" is a name...

wyk: or Tiffani

Polter-Cow: Tirducken.

From back here, her name looks like Tiriam.

alliterator: To me, it looks like, "Tirtam!" So no clue.

Inigo: I think it is TIFFANY

Polter-Cow: I totally called Tiffany before wyk's post. Promise.

misskiwi: *pats the Cow on the head* Of course you did, sweetie.

And thus ends that sordid story of scribble, the pain of penmanship, the horror of handwriting.

Next time, we're just going to go insane.


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