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This is the end
The lonely end, my friends

Veronica Mars has had quite the freshman year at Hearst University. She found herself smack-dab in the middle of an investigation into a rapist on campus, due to one of the victim's being Mac's roommate, Parker. After some misdirection involving sororities, fraternities, and an organization that hated both enough to fake a rape; a call-in radio show that was taped, and a cross-the-border alibi snafu that involved Logan and a fire, Veronica discovered that the rapist was Mercer — a new friend of Logan's — and that his accomplice was Moe, who was the RA of Wallace and Piz, his roommate at Hearst. Right on the heels of solving the rape mystery, the dean of Hearst, Cyrus O'Dell, was killed, and although it was deemed a suicide by Sheriff Lamb, his widow, Mindy, came to Keith for help. Veronica got involved, as she and the dean had crossed paths during her rape investigation. After following the trail to Hank Landry — Veronica's criminology professor — and Mindy, Veronica sniffed out the true killer in Tim Foyle, Landry's TA. Alas, it was too late, as Landry had already accidentally killed the widow, thus ruining his life even after being exonerated for the dean's death. It's unfortunate because aside from investigating a rape spree and a murder, Veronica was also kicking ass and taking names in her classes, including impressing Landry enough that he helped her get into an FBI internship program for the summer.

Keith has also had quite a Veronica's-freshman-year. In trying to help Kendall Casablancas escape from Liam Fitzpatrick, he unintentionally got her killed; he had an affair with a married woman; and he told the dean of Mindy's infidelity with Landry the night that Cyrus was killed. Despite these missteps, Keith has continued to be an excellent father. And now he's the Acting Sheriff — during the course of investigating the dean's death, Lamb went and got himself killed by Mindy's ex-husband. Keith is now working on cleaning out the corruption of the Sheriff's Department. He hires Deputy Leo back after Leo comes to him with a tip about a robbery involving the Fitzpatricks, but unfortunately, Vinnie Van Lowe got all the credit for the bust, and he's now running for sheriff against Keith. What should have been a slam dunk for Keith is turning into quite a battle as Vinnie scores point after point off the hapless Keith. And now that Keith tampered with evidence to save Veronica's petite little butt and was found out, he has been charged and has no doubt lost the election. Being the man that he is, Keith does all this with a smile and some gumbo, showing for a final time how much he loves his daughter.

But what of Veronica's love life, you may be asking. Well, after starting out the year strong and together, Logan feels that Veronica rushes headlong into danger without listening to him, despite expecting him to change for her, and he ends it. After some time apart, Veronica returns to Logan. It isn't until she finds out that Logan hooked up with Madison Sinclair while they were broken up that she ends things for good. Logan turns to despair and skipping classes until he makes a connection with Parker. After getting Veronica's permission, Logan begins a relationship with Parker and returns to life and early-morning classes. He's also got Dick living with him, who is still, well, Dick, only now with a 24-hour failed Vegas marriage and a smidgen of remorse for what he and his dad did to baby brother, Cassidy.

When Logan finds out about the everything-but-sex tape of Veronica and Piz, he jumps to the conclusion that Piz did it and beats the crap out of him. Parker dumps him, due to his obvious feelings for Veronica, and Veronica wants him out of her life, forever. But when Veronica refrains from punishing the man who actually publicized the tape due to his connections, Logan throws caution to the wind and delivers a deserved and very public beatdown. This display of violence may have melted the ice in Veronica's heart just a little.

As far as Weevil, well, it's not his freshman year, but he is at Hearst. He pleaded down the murder charge for Thumper to assault and did some time over the summer. He's on parole, and his first few attempts at steady employment, a condition of his remaining free, were not successful. A stint as Keith's assistant excited his interest in private investigation, but his passionate and violent response to seeing a child beaten put a quick end to that career. Veronica secured him a job as a maintenance man at Hearst, one he held onto despite two thwarted attempts to frame him for crimes. Weevil's prepared to give Veronica a hand from time to time, but an unfairly rejected workman's comp claim and being targeted to take the fall two times too many, Weevil is reassessing his desire to stay on the straight and narrow. He plays backup for Veronica one last time, helping her get revenge on the trail of men who published her private time with Piz.

The highlights (and lowlights) of Wallace's freshman year have included getting a roommate with a huge crush on his best friend, Veronica; getting caught cheating on an exam; taking time off from basketball to catch up with his engineering classes; playing for the Hearst basketball team despite his time off; getting caught drinking on a Veronica-provided fake ID by Keith; and signing up for a summer of charity work in Africa. Wallace is now in the role of Rory to Veronica's Lorelai (or is it the other way around?), as she seems to insist that he do that whole girly, talking-about-boys thing with him every chance she gets. Wallace gets to show his loyalty and love for Veronica one last time when he is tapped for the Castle, a secret organization that was bugging his room, leading to Veronica and Piz's Adam-and-Eve-style video getting out. When he goes undercover within the organization, he has to strip and wear a shock collar. Despite being thrown out of the initiation ritual for lying, he learned enough information to put Veronica back on the trail.

It took some time for Mac to recover from that whole Beaver-is-evil-and-dead thing, but she bonded with Parker, she dated a cute PETA-type, and she stayed out of trouble. That is, until her bonding with the ethically challenged Max — the guy who helped Wallace cheat on his exam — sent her back to purity-test-selling ways. After helping Logan design a website about asses for a class with Max's help, Mac broke up with Bronson to give bad boy Max a try — a decision she may already be regretting. As their freshman year comes to a close, Mac gets to go back to her gadget/tech backup ways for Veronica, as she helps Veronica decrypt the information about the Castle.

Freshman year for fresh-faced Parker definitely started on a down note. After being raped and shaved by the evil Mercer and Moe team, she's returned to good spirits. Her initial anger at Veronica, who could have prevented or at least stopped her rape, has faded, and she actually saved Veronica from suffering the same fate at the hands of the rapists. She was initially reluctant to date Veronica's ex, but, after receiving Veronica's go-ahead, she seems to be very happy with Logan, even if a little frustrated by his thoughtlessness over his summer plans. All that ended when Logan made his feelings for Veronica very obvious, and Parker is off into the sunset to Denver.

Piz also starting his freshman year on a down note, although definitely not as much of one as Parker. All his stuff was stolen while moving in with Wallace, and he got his first introduction to Veronica in the form of her helping him recover that stuff. With his crush on Veronica fully in place, Piz became a DJ at the Hearst radio station. Veronica buried her head in the sand regarding Piz's crush on her until Wallace confronted her with it, telling her that she was being cruel to Piz. When she tried to let Piz down gently, he planted a kiss on her and later proved what a good guy he was, and she changed her mind. Or maybe not, because, like Logan, she's careless in considering him when making her summer plans. Who really knows what lurks in the heart of Veronica at this point? All Piz knows is that Logan's fist lurks in his face.

After uncovering the truth behind the Castle, Veronica delivers a list of people involved to Nish, her old nemesis from the rape investigation. While Veronica doesn't feel safe taking on the powerful and corrupt men who humiliated her, she did have the satisfaction of showing up Jake Kane, for it was his hard drive that Mac helped her decrypt. Unfortunately, Veronica's actions caused her father to lose his dream of staying sheriff, and after casting a futile vote for her father, Veronica walks off into the rain of Southern California.

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