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Happy new year from the knuckleheads! @daxshepard1 @hiryanhansen @charcurtis2 @benjaminhartavd

8 hours ago
manga824131 @manga824131

My kids like darkseid daddy he is so cool me yeah I know he is @InjusticeGame

franciscapra @franciscapra

@manga824131 @InjusticeGame What show is this? Is this that Justice League Action show? Is Cartoon Network the only way to watch it?

14 hours ago
ultradavid @ultradavid

Pre-CB: top 8 all Deadshots CB: 1 Deadshot in top 8 Pre-CEO: Atro is everywhere CEO: 1 Atro in top 8 Let's hear those Evo predictions y'all

franciscapra @franciscapra

@ultradavid @_P2W_ Is Red Hood playable for EVO? If so I think he is going to be very popular

@carnagedormammu Oh nooooo... pushback on Cr.MP?? I can't believe this actually went thru..

RT @ChrisMurphyCT: Just got the phone totals this week. 387 calls opposed to GOP health bill. 0 call in support. Zero. Never seen anyth…

19 hours ago
DearSheamus @DearSheamus

@franciscapra If you had to choose one, which would it be? Just one

franciscapra @franciscapra

@DearSheamus Hmm, only one? What platform? On PC it would be @totalwar Warhammer 2, for console it would have to be @InjusticeGame

20 hours ago
DearSheamus @DearSheamus

@franciscapra I love how you get so excited about these games. It makes me wanna try them out.

franciscapra @franciscapra

@DearSheamus you should! I swear 2017 has been the greatest year to be a gamer, there are so many awesome titles out

@GandyManGaming Wait a minute... why, why 99 seconds?

Omg @DarkestDungeon Crimson Court DLC is out already? I've known nothing but @InjusticeGame since May 16th! Oh please have playable Vampires

RT @GovHowardDean: This is much more serious than previous information. This opens the door to the idea that Trump may have won with falsif…

Jun 23, 11:36pm
livinginsts @livinginsts

I'd like to think that in real life, @mrchrislowell has a fully decked out costume closet in his house.

mrchrislowell @mrchrislowell

@livinginsts It's downstairs next to the laundry room.

.@KatieHill4CA is smart, strong & has devoted her life to affecting positive change. We need her. #FlipCA25 donate:…

RT @jessyhodges: I called @SenFeinstein & @SenKamalaHarris even tho i KNOW they got @PPact 's BACK. MAKE SURE U KNOW YOUR SENATORS DO TOO.…

So um, how the heck did I not know about Justice League Action on @cartoonnetwork until about 5 minutes ago? This is great!

RT @ProudResister: Trump: I have tapes Mueller: I have a team of 13 lawyers who prosecuted Watergate, Enron & Mafia Trump: I do not have…

RT @NBCNews: Police drag away protesters, some in wheelchairs, outside of Sen. McConnell's office after draft of Senate health care bill is…

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