• Mars attacks! March 29, 2005

    Veronica Mars gives us an unflappable girl heroine, complex characters and a darkly realistic vision of high school -- and no wooden stakes.

    Veronica is busy and efficient but never flustered, snide but never unjust, full of feminine wiles but never slutty and pathetic. She's a role model not just for high school girls, but for grown women

    Veronica Mars has evolved into an organic, seamless blend of dark and light moments, drama and comedy, noir and upbeat sleuthing.

    In fact, given the talent of the cast, the witty but still substantive dialogue, the tight, satisfying story lines, and a slowly unfolding mystery that pulls viewers back each week, it's amazing that Veronica Mars isn't much, much more popular than it is.

  • Reasons to love Ms. Mars

    Chicago Sun-Times: March 29, 2005

    On Veronica Mars, wholesome is out; gritty reality is in. The show never soft-pedals the timeless, fundamental truth that high school is hell.

  • The Watercooler

    TV Guide: March 9, 2005

    A trip to TJ must mean that Marissa's going to O.D. in an alleyway... oh, wait, wrong show. Besides Veronica and Co. have got more witty banter and throwaway lines in one episode than Seth Cohen can dish out in a whole season. All right, maybe that's a little exaggeration, but the this teen detective queen can surely dish it out.


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