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  • Exclusive: Update from Rob Thomas about Cupid and VM

    Rob Thomas: December 8, 2008

    I emailed Rob Thomas about Cupid and VM movie. Here's his response.

    Regarding Cupid:
    "ABC just reduced our order from 13 to 8 episodes. Odds on VM movie improved greatly in that moment. (Cutback resulting from economy/late launch date, not lack of faith in show.)"

    Regarding VM movie:
    "I think it's important for people to realize that just the fact that I may have time to write it may not mean it gets made. I've talked to Joel about doing it, and his view is that if we can find the right idea and the right budget that he can push it through, but there are no guarantees on that. It's a two-step process and my willingness and time is only step one. Step two is getting a green light."

    Well, I hope Rob's Cupid, Enrico's Flashpoint, Jason's Washingtonienne, any movie KB is in become big enough hits so that a studio will fiance a VM movie in order to reunite these people.


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