3.06 "Hi, Infidelity"

Aired Nov 07, 2006


Dean's office: Veronica and Nish are sitting outside Dean O'Dell's office, listening to him berate Claire for faking her rape and bringing in her lawyer. Nish asks Veronica if it's what she wanted, and then they're called into the Dean's office, where Dean O'Dell points out the fact that Veronica's story disproves Claire's story, with notes and evidence. He goes on to outline the evidence that Veronica presented, and then he tells Claire that she can challenge the college's charter but is being expelled from Hearst. Claire and her lawyer leave, and Dean O'Dell asks Nish why he didn't read the story in the paper. She replies that she felt she had a responsibility to make sure the facts lined up before publishing it. Dean O'Dell calls her on being biased in her reporting towards the Pi Sigs, and then tells her that she must step down as editor of the Free Press. On her way out, Nish tells both Veronica and Dean O'Dell that they'll regret it. Veronica follows the dean out of his office to find Wallace and his professor waiting for a meeting.

Dean's office: Professor Winkler is telling the dean that there are numerous cases of athletes cheating at Hearst, but that he takes some of the blame for Wallace, because athletes aren't usually permitted in his program, due to the workload. Mindy O'Dell interrupts, and she and Dean O'Dell discuss the lunch shes bringing him. She tells the dean to be merciful, and Wallace agrees with her.

Lecture hall: Tim Foyle hands back the class's papers as Professor Landry tells the students they haven't done well and should do better. He points out the paper he's pinned at the front of the class as a much better paper, and the only example of A-caliber work. He congratulates Veronica, and her classmates aren't impressed. As the students leave, Tim tries to get the professor's attention to meet up with him, but the professor brushes him off and calls Veronica back. He asks her if she's free for lunch.

Food court: Professor Landry and Veronica sit having lunch together. Landry tells her she should take up psychology and says that he wants her in his program because he thinks she's a bright woman who has a knack for criminal work. He then suggests that he should be her faculty advisor. Veronica stares at him with adoration.

Mars Investigations: Keith and Veronica are in the kitchen, and Veronica is expounding on Professor Landry's qualifications, saying that it would be a coup to land him as her advisor. Keith says that he wishes she'd consult with him before phasing him out and asks if Landry is smarter than he is. Veronica says that they two have a lot in common. The phone rings, and it's Harmony. She tells Keith that she enjoyed their discussions and asks if he wants to go to a noir film festival that she has tickets for, since her husband is out of town.

Tim Foyle's office: Veronica enters and says that she got a text message from him saying he wanted to see her. Tim quips back that it was "needed" not "wanted". Veronica asks him how he got her number because she doesn't give it out to anyone. Tim says that she's not the only one with "gifts". Veronica impatiently asks him what he needed to see her for. Tim says that Hearst has a policy against plagiarism and one of her classmates turned her in. Veronica is flabbergasted and denies that she cheated. Tim says that they run programs to check papers for similar phrases and hers lit up like a Christmas tree. He shows Veronica her paper on his computer and most of it is highlighted by the programme. Veronica says that someone framed her. Tim mockingly predicts that she thinks he did it to kick her out of Landry's class because he doesn't like her. Veronica acts shocked at hearing that he doesn't like her. Tim gives her a choice, either she confesses to Landry or he'll tell him. Landry unexpectedly appears at the door and ask them what it was they wanted to tell him.

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Food court: Veronica enters the food court, and Piz calls her name, then tells her about a record he got at a garage sale. She tells him the short story about Prof. Landry and Tim, explaining that's why she's not excited for him. Undeterred, he invites her bowling, claiming that a "whole gang" of people will be there and points out that it worked as a distraction for Nixon. Veronica agrees to go.

Gym: The Hearst basketball team are doing warm-up stretches. Mason tells Wallace that he doesn't understand why he's gloomy about being allowed to drop the mechanical engineering class. Wallace says he hasn't decided whether or not to drop it. Mason tells him that there's nothing to decide, being allowed to drop the class is a gift so he should do it with a smile. The Coach gives Wallace the starting position. Mason complains that it's his position, but the Coach tells Mason that if he wants it, he'll have to prove he earned it.

Lecture hall: Veronica enters her Criminology class and goes straight to the front of the room, introduces herself, and asks who in the class accused her of plagiarism. No one answers right away, and Veronica begins to wonder if she's wrong, but then a guy raises his hand and admits to turning her in. He tells her his name is Jeff Ratner and that they've met, but she wouldn't remember him and tells her that he wants to expose the teacher's pet as a cheat. The class applauds and he smirks at Veronica.

Wallace's dorm: Veronica knocks on Wallace's door, and Wallace tells her he isn't there. He's evil-Wallace. Veronica says that evil-Wallace wouldn't have confessed to cheating and faced punishment. Therefore, he's regular-Wallace. He says he has been given the chance to drop the mechanical engineering course scot-free, but figuring out how stuff works was the first thing that ever interested him. Veronica tells him he'll work it out, which is very regular-Wallace. She then asks who gave him a copy of the test. Wallace jokes she hasn't been paying attention to his lecture. He tells her and asks why. Veronica smiles and raises her eyebrow.

Max's dorm: Veronica knocks on Max's door, and he flirts badly with her before letting her in. They're looking at a website called "University Savior," and Max asks if she wants a new paper to hand in. Veronica corrects him, saying that she wants to find her paper posted online. He can't understand why, so she tries rather unsuccessfully to explain. Max finds her paper and it shows up as having been posted a year earlier. Veronica insists that she wrote it the previous week and asks who posted it. Max tells her that it was posted by a rory.finch@hearstcollege.org.

Logan's class: Logan's teacher tells the class to put their pens down. Logan continues writing while the papers are collected, and then the teacher refuses to accept the paper. Logan asks him if the teacher knows who he is. The teacher says he doesn't care, as he collects his stuff. As he walks away, Logan shoves his paper into the pile, mixing it so the teacher wouldn't know which paper was his.

Food court: Mercer and Logan sit eating lunch. Mercer is impressed with what Logan did until he spots Veronica. He loudly protests he doesn't condone cheating and says Logan is going to hell. Veronica sits down next to Logan as Mercer leaves. Logan explains he just went ten extra seconds over on a test. She gives him a look, and he says he thought she loved bad boys. She says she does, but if that's his idea of bad, he needs to turn in his badge. She invites him bowling with Wallace, Piz and some other guys. He agrees. She says Parker sitting alone and tells Logan that Mac's away working on a paper. She invites Parker bowling, too.

Noir festival: Harmony and Keith exit the movie theatre after the Noir Film Festival which is showing The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep. They chat and joke about whether the movies were a true depiction of life as a private eye. Harmony thanks him for coming, and says that she and her husband are just logistics these days. They bid each other goodnight and hug.

Dean's office: Veronica pulls out a big ring of keys — Weevil's — and begins trying them in Dean O'Dell's door. Frustrated, she leans against the door, and it opens. She opens the drawer of a filing cabinet and begins looking through it but is startled when Dean O'Dell calls her name. She ditzes it up, telling him that she lost an earring during the meeting. He tells her to keep searching, then asks if she follows boxing. She asks why he's not watching at home, and he tells her that his wife disapproves, so he sneaks in an evening with cigars, scotch, and sports on TV whenever she has a charity function or event to attend. Veronica finds the file she's looking for and writes down the information.

Lecture hall: The mechanical engineering professor, Winkler, hands out papers to the class and expresses his surprise at seeing Wallace. Wallace says with optimism that if he averages Cs in the remaining 4 tests, he'll pass the course. The professor accepts this and starts the class.

Library: Veronica spots Wallace studying in the library in the library. Wallace tells her he stayed in the class and just took the zero. Veronica tells him that her paper was posted online by a Rory Finch, using a Hearst email, three days after she handed her paper in. Not only that, but the email was set up at an IP at the Neptune Grand. Wallace is happy for her, saying it's over. Veronica explains it will be over when she gets her revenge. She offers him some words of advice for focusing using references to Rocky III, and then leaves, saying she'll see him later. Wallace is confused by the references.

Wallace's dorm: Piz asks Wallace if he's ready to go bowling, but Wallace brushes him off, saying that he doesn't think he'll ever have time for fun again. Piz insists that Wallace come, because he told Veronica that a whole gang, including Wallace, would be there, and if Wallace doesn't show up, it'll look like Piz asked Veronica on a date. Wallace has no sympathy and goes back to his studying.

Mars' apartment: Keith's on the phone with Harmony and asks her to see a movie. Harmony says she has a conference at the Neptune Grand, but she'd like to do something else. Keith tells her to keep him posted. Veronica comes out of her room and asks him his opinion on two shirts she can't choose between for bowling. An actual bowling shirt, or one that implies she's too cool for bowling and that she's only there ironically. Keith is confused about the latter shirt. Veronica asks if he was making a date. He says he was just seeing if Harmony wanted to see a movie. Veronica interrupts, checking if he means Harmony, the one whose husband isn't cheating on her. She asks if he's going on a date with a married woman, and Keith protests it's not a date. Veronica thinks it is.

Logan's hotel room: Veronica asks Logan if he has any inside connections on the staff who could sneak her inside info.

Neptune Grand Reception Desk: Logan asks his reception-desk friend Tina if she can find out if a person was registered at the hotel called Rory Finch. Tina says she stayed with them one night a week ago, as well as other times over the last few months, but he paid in cash and used a post office box. Veronica asks Tina to phone her if he checks back in. Tina agrees she'd do anything for a friend of Logan's. Veronica points out she's the girlfriend of Logan, actually.

Bowling alley: Veronica meets Piz before Logan joins them a moment later. Logan immediately re-introduces himself as Veronica's boyfriend. Veronica notes the lack of a Wallace and a gang. He explains Wallace had a crisis and trails off awkwardly. Just then Parker arrives, asking where everyone is. Piz interjects that they need shoes. Logan takes Piz off to get shoes. Parker isn't happy, as she thinks Veronica is setting her up on a double date. Veronica protests she didn't. Parker says she's not having fun. Cut to Parker bowling, getting a strike. She high-fives Logan, her teammate, and mocks Piz, who's up next. Veronica points out she is having fun, and Parker agrees, happy to just be out in the world. Parker asks if Piz is free; she thinks he's cute. She asks Veronica to find out what he thinks of her.

Logan's hotel room: Veronica collapses on Logan's sofa, saying she's exhausted. She tells him about Parker asking her to find out about Piz, then asks if he got an A on his test. Logan comes and sits down next to her, saying yes, but the cheating cheapened it. He tells her about Horshack, the guy he did the prison experiment with, who got caught doing two tests, and not only that, he was doing it for Rafe — the guy who was tormenting him. Just then, room service knocks on the door. Logan goes to answer it, and Veronica recognises the voice. She walks over to the door to find Jeff Ratner. Veronica explains he's the guy who has accused her of cheating. She points out it's strange he just so happens to work at the Grand, where the fake paper was posted from. He tells her he's worked there for two years, but she's never noticed, since she's too busy with Logan.

Wallace's dorm room: Wallace's alarm clock is ringing when Piz enters the room, brushing his teeth, but Wallace is dead to the world with a textbook draped across his chest. Piz makes a joke about it being school policy that he'd get to keep Wallace's stuff if Wallace was actually dead, and then pokes him with a tennis racket. Wallace grabs his gym bag and runs out the door, alarm clock still blaring. Piz shuts it off with the racket.

Gym: Basketball practice is already in full swing when Wallace runs in, still dressed in the sweats he was sleeping in. The coach checks his watch, and Wallace apologizes, saying that he missed his alarm. The coach then tells Wallace that he has a chance to start as a freshman and reminds him not to blow his chance by staying up all night partying.

Radio Station: Veronica walks through the radio station halls, dreading her conversation with Piz. He's on the phone, and when he hangs up, Veronica thanks him for the bowling night, saying that both she and Logan had a good time, and then mentioning that Parker had a good time as well. Piz says rather noncommitally that he's glad, and Veronica finally tells him that Parker thinks he's both cool and cute. Piz absorbs that news, then tells Veronica that he thinks Parker's really nice, but she's not his type.

Lecture hall: Professor Winkler hands back the practice tests and says that all the material in this test will be covered in their next exam. He hands Wallace his test paper back and encouragingly says that a 67, D+, is a real improvement. Wallace looks at his paper and throws it down on the desk in frustration and sighs.

Hearst library: Parker stops by the library, where Veronica is working, and says that she wants to stop by the radio station to say hi to Piz. Veronica tries to discourage her.

Radio Station: Piz is finishing up his radio show when he sees Veronica through the window. He looks happy to see her, and then Parker walks up behind Veronica. The girls enter the studio, and Parker gushes over Piz's show while Piz and Veronica exchange "What are you doing?"/"I couldn't stop her!" looks. Parker tries to get Piz to show her around, but he brushes her off, saying that the guy who does Club Flush will be in soon. Still trying, Parker suggests pizza, and Mercer comes in behind her, offering the rest of his pizza. He greets Veronica and introduces himself to Parker, and Piz decides that he could go for some pizza, but Parker gets a disgusted look on her face and pulls Veronica away. As they leave, she tells Veronica that she remembers the scent of his cologne from the night she was raped. Veronica reassures Parker, telling her that she'll look into it while Mercer is doing his show.

Mercer's room: Veronica lets herself in with Weevil's keys. She picks up a sweater and uses it to touch things so she doesn't leave any fingerprints. She sees a cologne bottle on top of the chest of drawers and writes down its name. She then checks the drawers, in one of them, under a piece of clothing, she discovers hair clippers and a bottle of pills.

Sheriff's department: To his discomfort, Lamb finds Veronica sitting in his office. He asks her what she's doing there and she says it's about the Hearst rapes. Lamb tries to blow her off, and makes a joke about the rapist being Big-Foot. Not surprised by Lamb's asshole-ness, Veronica explains that one of the rape victims, meaning Parker, thinks she recognized the guy who raped her by his cologne. She then says that she found clippers in this guy's room. Lamb asks for a name and Veronica tells him it's Mercer Hayes. Lamb suddenly shows interest, and confirms with Veronica that Mercer was the one who ran the casino in his room that got robbed. He reveals that when they found the stolen cashbox, they also found two vials of GHB, the same drug that the rapist used on two of his victims.

Gym: Wallace tells the Coach that he has to drop out of basketball for the semester due to his class. Coach understandingly tells Wallace that he can keep the scholarship but that he even if he comes back onto the team, he might not be able play for the rest of the year. Wallace accepts the price he has to pays for his decision.

Neptune Grand: Veronica's voiceover says that Tina, from the Neptune Grand reception, had called her and told her that Rory Finch just made a reservation. Veronica goes to reception and collects the room number for Rory Finch from Tina. She makes her way up to the room, but as she does she spots Keith standing at the bar. He sees her as well and they exchange long glances. Veronica joins him and by accident finds out he's there with Harmony. Keith insists that they're just friends and this was completely innocent. Veronica voices her skepticism, but Keith tells her that he knows what he's doing and that she doesn't need to worry. Veronica is not convinced, and leaves the bar. Veronica looks for the room number Tina gave her and knocks on the door. Mrs O'Dell answers, much to Veronica's shock. Veronica says she got the wrong room and begins to walk back to the elevator. Just as she reaches it, Professor Landry steps out with a bottle of wine in his hand. Veronica says she got off on the wrong floor and they say goodbye. She gets in the elevator and just as the doors begin to close, she calls "Rory Finch?" He turns around.

Neptune Grand: Harmony and Keith have some martinis. Harmony makes her move and says to Keith that she doesn't want to be lying on her death bed some day just counting regrets. Keith doesn't catch on, so Harmony slowly says that she got a room at the hotel if they want to use it. Keith tells her that he really wants to say yes, but he just can't right now. He says that he doesn't want to have regrets either, but he doesn't know what he regrets more, going up to or not going up. Harmony smiles through the embarrassment and watches Keith leave.

Neptune: Keith drives home, pondering his decision. He stops at a junction to turn and suddenly a pickup truck coming from the road Keith is about to turn onto t-bones his car. Keith gets out, dazed but unhurt, and surveys the damage. He leans on the car, relieved that he's alive.

Neptune Grand: There's a knock on a room door. Harmony opens the door and without a word, Keith grabs her and kisses her hard. They grab each hungrily and spin off to do the deed.

Mars' Apartment: Veronica cooks Keith breakfast and knocks on his door. He doesn't open, so she opens it and finds his unmade bed.

Tim's office: Veronica enters and gives Tim a piece of paper. She points to it and says that it proves that whoever posted the paper she supposedly copied online did so after she had already turned her paper and therefore proves she didn't cheat. Tim is uninterested in the paper and asks her if she found out who did it. Veronica says that it was through a process of elimination, but what she doesn't understand is why, and asks him point blank why he did it — why he wanted her to follow the Rory Finch trail. Tim laughs and says that he didn't do it and she can't prove he did it. He says that if they were to hypothesize that he did set it up, it would be because he wanted to do Veronica a favor — show her who Landry really is. He explains that he was Landry's protégé for three years before Veronica showed up, and like her, he looked up to Landry, even picked up his laundry for him. This was until he found out about Landry's philandering habit, the most recent being with the dean's wife. Veronica tells Tim not to do her any more favors and turns around to leave. As she does she notices a board on the wall filled with a campus map, press clippings and notes of all the rapes. Veronica says that he's got a crazy press clipping board every movie serial killer keeps. Tim answers cryptically that there's been no DNA evidence so far, no semen or no hair. Veronica takes a closer look at the board and spots something. Tim eagerly ask if she sees something that he's missed, but Veronica only smirks and says maybe. Tim changes the topic and wants to confirm if she really thought Ratner, the guy that said he turned her in for cheating, did it. Veronica says "oh crap" as she suddenly remembers something.

Neptune Grand: Jeff stands by as his managers opens the trunk of a car to find it filled with soaps and toiletry products. He protests he didn't put them there.

Lecture hall: Wallace takes notes in class, with a lot more understanding than before.

Food court: Veronica walks across the cafeteria until the dean calls her, asking her to join him for lunch. He explains he's fed up with students coming up and talking to him because he doesn't like most college students. Veronica asks why he eats there, and he explains he loves the burger. He asks Veronica not to tell his wife because there are things she's better off not knowing. Veronica almost tells him about his wife's affair but then stops herself at the last moment. Logan walks over to her and tells Veronica he needs to speak to her. He says he needs her help because Mercer just got arrested for the rapes on campus. Logan tells her Mercer didn't do it. Veronica asks him how he's sure, and Logan explains he was with him the night of the rape during the summer. Veronica asks him where, and doing what. Logan hesitates and says he can't tell her, but asks her to trust him that Mercer's innocent.

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