3.03 "Wichita Linebacker"

Aired Oct 17, 2006


There was a linebacker from Hearst.
He lost his playbook and thought he was cursed.
Ronnie charges a fee
And finds the lost book, you see,
For his girlfriend had stolen it first.

Weevil's caught in his own self-made hell
Betwixt car wash or back to his cell.
Keith thinks he's a good sleuth
But finds his methods uncouth.
Luck'ly, he impressed Dean O'Dell.

Of her boyfriend, a tad suspicious.
Her tracking is somewhat malicious.
But in her defense,
Our P.I. repents
And vows to be less injudicious.

-Polter-Cow, misskiwi

Important Parts

  • Piz gets Veronica to figure out who stole the playbook from Kurt, a Hearst football player. The player's girlfriend Trish is in charge of the Hearst radio station, and Piz wants to have a talk show.

  • Veronica figures out that Trish stole the playbook originally because the coach treated Kurt terribly. Then Larry, an artist who used to date Trish, stole the playbook from her. He and his roommate gave the book to the opposing team before their upcoming football game with Hearst to win money on sports bets. Kurt tells the team what happened, and he gets kicked off the team and loses his scholarship.

  • Veronica is suspicious of Logan not wanting to spend time with her. They get into a heated argument after she tracks his cell phone to a room where people are gambling. He says he's going to Mexico for the weekend to surf, but Veronica hears otherwise. She puts a tracking device on his car but thinks better of it after Trish tells her she lost Kurt because of what she did. Logan doesn't go to Mexico, and Veronica apologizes for her lack of trust in him.

  • Weevil's charges were dropped to assault. He has to keep a job, or he goes back to jail. After Veronica sees Weevil lose his temper and threaten his boss at a carwash, she convinces Keith to hire Weevil to help him at Mars Investigations.

  • Weevil does a great job with detective work, but then he loses his temper on another job, causing Keith to fire him.

  • Dean O'Dell wants Veronica to give him the name of the teacher who supplied Karen with pot or he'll expell her.

  • Several females pose topless behind a banner that reads, "We go to Hearst: Rape Us" as a protest. Some guys in a humor newspaper/parody newspaper made a joke out of it saying, "No thanks (except maybe the blonde in the middle)." The feminists are very angry, as is Claire, the blonde in the middle. They try to get Dean O'Dell to intervene, but he isn't cooperative.

  • Dean O'Dell also accuses them of vandalizing his car and spray painting "Pig" on it. The feminists deny doing it.

  • Later, Piz has both the feminists and male journalists on his talk show. Their debate is interrupted when Fern gets a text message saying that Claire was raped.

  • Veronica has Weevil fix Dean O'Dell's car. She explains to the Dean that his son is the one who snuck out in the car and dented it then spray painted it to cover up what he did. She tells him to hire Weevil, the guy who fixed his car, and that she still wouldn't tell him who supplied the pot.


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