2.21 "Happy Go Lucky"

Aired May 02, 2006


Hope: The Aaron Echolls Story
Gravelly-Voiced Narrator: In a murky world full of gray, Aaron Echolls had no choice but to be sucked into a doomed relationship with teenage seductress Lilly Kane. She was as devious as she was beautiful, but when she was found murdered, Aaron was the number one suspect. Jailed and on trial, his only hope lay with his son. Unfortunately, all was lost when his son fell in line with the other minx, Veronica, who was out to get Aaron for rejecting her. What could he do? He knew the real murderer, Lilly's brother, Duncan, had run off to Mexico and would never be found, and the town of Neptune was too busy with its own problems – the recent school shooting by Tommy "Lucky" Dohanic and the still-unsolved bus crash. Terrence Cook was a free man, though his reputation lay in tatters, and instead, the courageous Sheriff Lamb changed tactics and went after the mayor, Woody Goodman. But it was all for naught, since Woody had vanished. Aaron was at the end of his rope, his pleas unanswered, his fate left in the hands of twelve ordinary people. And so he prayed. And when his verdict of Not Guilty was announced, he knew his prayers had been answered. The look on the face of the vixen Veronica told him that.


Important Parts

  • In return for getting his car fixed, Beaver agrees to tutor Weevil in algebra so that Weevil can graduate. Beaver struggles to get Weevil to understand the quadratic equation until Mac arrives to help. Beaver and Mac bicker flirtatiously, and Weevil passes his algebra exam.

  • The two kids who witnessed Weevil attacking Thumper identify him to Sheriff Lamb.

  • Terrence Cook is set free after Lobo says they were in a meeting in his casino at the time of the bus crash. Jackie is excited and wants to celebrate; however, Lobo comes to Terrence's house and says Terrence will be working for him until his debts are paid off.

  • Jackie decides to put Paris off for a semester, but Terrence tells her to go because he'll be busy with work. Jackie is upset at hearing this. She leaves for Paris suddenly, leaving only a note for Wallace.

  • Lucky goes crazy and starts shooting a gun during lunch at Neptune High. He looks for Gia but doesn't find her. He sees Jackie trying to call someone and aims his gun at her. Wallace tackles him, but Lucky overpowers him. He shoots Wallace in the chest, but the gun only has blanks. Lucky is shot and killed by a deputy.

  • Veronica and Keith get emails Lucky sent to Woody. One has a recording that has two boys talking. They say that what Woody did was wrong and he is a pervert. They need to tell someone.

  • Veronica discovers that Peter Ferrer and Marcos Oliveres were on Woody's Little League team, the Sharks. Their voices were identified on the recording.

  • Keith suspects that Lucky put a bomb in the Goodman home. He calls Inga and has the bomb squad go over to the house. He tells Woody, but Woody isn't responsive. Keith tells Woody he knows that Woody molested boys.

  • Lamb finally listens to Keith after he learns that Lucky was in a padded cell on the day of the crash. He puts out a warrant for Woody's arrest, but Woody has escaped in a private plane.

  • Aaron Echolls is on trial and twists the story around to make it seem like he never had sex with Lilly and Veronica propositioned him in order for him to get the tapes back. Veronica, Logan, and Keith testify against him, but he is found not guilty on all charges.


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