2.18 "I Am God"

Aired Apr 11, 2006


Extract from Molly Bloom's Veronica Mars's soliloquy: ...sleep or sleep I see them all sweet Meg showcased for Lucky the hero the janitor the agitator who's Tommy oh there's Logan bastard lover kissing me in the car yes I can't think I can't understand they swirl in my sleep bitter Betina bedding Dick sharp Marcos raunchy Rhonda why did Woody give them so much money pretty Peter who loved Wu why did you go to Shark Field shark water death they all died because of me because of Weevil because of Dick worth more dead than alive is alive but Cervando is dead they died and I see them in sleep why is dad here dad in his dating suit dad and principal and fake doctor diagnosis scams dad so proud and Stanford is on yes no is not on the rich buy the Kane scholarship but friendship support from Wallace but when did he start to like Logan lover love hate yes I am God is a song...


Important Parts

  • Veronica is having nightmares about the kids who died on the bus crash. In her dreams, she talks to several of the students, sorting through the information she's been gathering. She talks to the school counselor, Rebecca James, about these dreams.

  • Meg's parents wanted to set her up with Lucky, a janitor at Neptune High. He, Dick, and Logan were up to something in the summer, during the time Veronica and Logan were dating.

  • Rhonda and her sister were always getting in trouble at school and were known as Poor White Trash. However, her parents won a large settlement from Woody Goodman when they discovered a finger in their meal.

  • Cervando got in trouble in summer school for harassing Beaver after Dick sprayed bleach on his new jeans. Cervando won those jeans in a pool match from Liam Fitzpatrick. In her dream, Cervando mentions to Veronica that it's odd that the bus driver was the only one killed by the explosion. Whoever planted the bomb had to know when the bus would go over the cliff. He implies Weevil could have done this.

  • Peter was attracted to his teacher Mr. Wu. Peter was talking about the outing of all outings before he died. Mr. Wu says it wasn't him, even though Peter saw him at a gay bar. Mr. Wu was there to celebrate his cousin's birthday. Peter asks Veronica in her dream why he would be going to a baseball stadium in the first place.

  • Betina was hooking up with Dick. Dick didn't want anyone to know. Betina's plan was to get pregnant and tell everyone. Dick left her messages about hooking up with her and Betina played those messages for everyone on the bus.

  • Angie is close to Veronica for the Kane Scholarship. They have both been accepted to attend Stanford. She took an expensive college course over the summer and therefore edged ahead of Veronica in her GPA. Wallace and Logan team up to try to beat Angie and help Veronica win the scholarship. They don't succeed.

  • Angie is among many students who got out of tests and other assignments because of a "Generalized Anxiety Disorder". Keith investigates and finds a finds a local doctor who will diagnose students with this disorder for $1,000. Angie ends up having to take an exam she didn't study for.

  • Keith investigates the financial gains of the families of the students on the bus. They didn't get much. However, Big Dick Casablancas took out large life insurance policies on his two sons, a few days after marrying Kendall. Dick and Beaver are worth more dead than alive.

  • Veronica snuck onto the bus and found a drawing with nine tombstones and "I AM GOD" written next to it. She surmised that one of the students was suicidal and the nine tombstones represented all of the students on the bus, including her. The person believed they were God, since they had the power to take nine lives.

  • Later, Veronica discovers that "I Am God" is the name of a song and album which has a cover that depicts nine tombstones. In a dream, Marcos tells her that it was nice that she could think it was someone else's fault for a while, but it wasn't. They all died because of her. A cell phone rings and he hands it to her. She stares at it in horror. There is C4 next to her.


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