2.15 "The Quick and the Wed"

Aired Mar 22, 2006


Here comes the bride, all groupy-fied
Prospective in-laws rebeled at the thought
There runs the bride, maintaining pride
Keeping the ring when the schemers were caught

Here comes the ruse, Beaver did choose
Property deals with his stepmom scapegoat
Then there's the news, that did confuse
Incorporation could rock his sweet boat

Here comes a witch, making a pitch
Hoping for riches from Aaron's estate
There goes the bitch, without a glitch
Getting a Kane hair, false clue to create

Here comes the play, keep law at bay
But using Hannah is turning him pale
'Cause for that day, Logan must pay
Griffith's for Hannah will drop false bridge tale

Cook, he did run. Sense, he had none.
Planted explosives, his brain they did turn
Off goes a gun, burglary done,
Dumass's father sends Terrence to burn


Important Parts

  • Keith tells Lamb about the explosives and detonators Veronica found in the hangar Terrence Cook keeps his cars in. After searching the hangar, Lamb issues a warrant to arrest Terrence.

  • Keith finds out that the mechanic who details Terrence's cars every month regularly uses articles kept in the cabinet with the explosives. Terrence knows about this. The mechanic verifies that he didn't find any explosives during his last check up.

  • A sensational TV documentary has been made out of Aaron Echolls's lifestory. In it, Aaron implicates Duncan for Lilly's murder.

  • Jane Kuhne's sister Heidi goes missing after her fabulous bachelorette party. Veronica discovers that the bridegroom and his family, the rich and influential Manns, were displeased with Heidi's past and tried to trick her out of the marriage with the help of Vinnie Van Lowe.

  • Kendall and Cassidy continue their real estate business. Most of their new property is located on the poorer side of Neptune. Cassidy urges Kendall to get more sales.

  • Logan's trial date has been set. The DA offers a one-time deal of a plea bargain. If Logan pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter, he will get a shorter prison sentence. Logan declines the offer.

  • Aaron gets a surprise visit by Kendall. She offers to get him out of prison if he pays her. Aaron agrees and asks her to visit Logan's hotel suite.

  • Inside the suite in Duncan's old bathroom, Kendall retrieves something from the shower drain with a pair of tweezers.

  • Finding Logan on the couch with Hannah, Stephanie warns her daughter that he is bad news. Meanwhile, Logan sends an email to Dr. Griffith from Stephanie's account, pretending that Hannah's mother found condoms in Hannah's room. Later, Logan overhears Hannah defending him against her mother.

  • Hannah offers to accompany Logan to his place, apparently willing to have sex with him. They kiss passionately.

  • Dr. Griffith agrees to withdraw his witness testimony if Logan promises to leave Hannah alone.

  • Terrence Cook is shot by Ms. Dumass's father while breaking into the family home in San Francisco and needs surgery.

  • Logan tells Veronica that he thinks he did something horrible.


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