2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough"

Aired Feb 08, 2006


Listen, baby,
Ain't no mountain high
Ain't no valley low
Ain't no conspiracy wide enough

If the cash is gone, call V.,
No matter the suspects
No matter the clues
Just call her name
She'll find the cash in a hurry
Clemmons don't have to worry

'Cause, Hauser,
There ain't no accusations flimsy enough
Ain't no six-pack abs hard enough
Ain't no herrings red enough
To keep her from nailing you

'Cause, Tommy,
There ain't no smile trusting enough
Ain't no flirting duplicitous enough
Ain't no daughter unsuspecting enough
To keep Logan from getting to you, man

'Cause, Terrence,
There ain't no gambling debt high enough
Ain't no lies low enough
Ain't no playoff loss tough enough
To keep Keith from helping you

'Cause Madison...and Thumper...and Veronica,
There ain't no niece young enough
Ain't no grudge old enough
Ain't no senior trip magical enough
To keep Weevil from scamming you


Important Parts

  • Jackie is tormented by the students, especially Madison, because her dad was brought in for questioning in regards to the bus crash.

  • During the Winter Carnival, the cash box containing several thousand dollars is stolen. Mrs. Hauser accuses Jackie.

  • Part of the money is found in Thumper's locker, along with some drugs. Veronica discovers that Mrs. Hauser stole some of the money as well.

  • Veronica also figures out that Weevil is the one who really stole the money and planted some of it in Thumper's locker. He buys a new car with the money he kept. She doesn't report him.

  • Mrs. Hauser's student aid, J.B., stole her health exam and made copies. He was Veronica's closest competition for the Kane Scholarship.

  • Beaver and Mac are dating, causing Dick to harrass his brother. Mac and Beaver get revenge on Dick.

  • Logan hits on a girl whose dad turns out to be Dr. Tom Griffith.

  • Terrence Cook hires Keith to prove he didn't cause the bus crash. After much prodding from Keith, Terrence tells him that he had an affair with Leslie Dumass, and she stalked him and refused to accept it when the affair was over. She eventually told his fiancĂ©, who then broke up with him.

  • Terrence also comes clean to Keith about his gambling problems and the fact that he threw a crucial game in the Major League Baseball Playoffs. Leslie overheard a conversation about it when two Fitzpatricks came to his house to collect money and threaten him.


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