2.12 "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle"

Aired Feb 01, 2006


And verily, Lady Veronica is Sir Wallace's knight in shining armor, but forsooth, she is having a little trouble proving he wasn't driving the chariot that ran over a serf wino, since rogue Rashard Rucker's uncle (and aren't uncles always evil?) controls all the strings. Fortunately, with the help of yon fair maiden Jackie of Cook, Veronica saves the day. Unfortunately, the investigation of the bandits Weevil and Logan into the death of poor squire Felix is exposed just as blackguard Thumper is shown to be the Mordred to Weevil's Arthur. The PCH knights beat their now deposed king and throw his horse into the river. And the sire of maiden Jackie, Sir Terrence of Cook, is questioned in conjunction with the crash of the big yellow wagon. Burnination!


Important Parts

  • Wallace tells the investigator that Rashard committed the hit-and-run. Rashard reports to the paper that Wallace was the one who was driving.

  • Wallace remembers that there was a witness to the fact that Rashard was driving. Wallace tracks the witness down with Veronica, Jackie, his dad, and Deputy Bouncer's help.

  • Keith sneaks into the evidence room and gets the interrogation tapes of the bus crash.

  • Keith hears Lamb interview Dick, Beaver, and Gia on the tapes. They all knew who Curly Moran was. Dick and Beaver didn't take the bus because of the smell. Gia didn't take the bus because her dad told her not to.

  • Weevil questions Molly Fitzpatrick about dating Felix. She says it was a secret from her family. They saw each other in church, where her uncle Patrick is a priest.

  • Weevil insists that the bikers are getting the drugs from the Fitzpatricks at that church. Veronica videotapes the confessional and discovers that the priest isn't involved, but Thumper is.

  • Weevil confronts Thumper, who admits that the bikers are all selling drugs now. He also knows that Weevil has been meeting with Logan. The bikers beat up Weevil and drive his bike into the ocean.

  • Weevil thinks Thumper killed Felix. Thumper threatens Weevil to keep quiet, showing him the cell phone video of Weevil beating up Curly Moran.

  • Veronica discovers that Terrence Cook and Ms. Dumas met at Java the Hut before the bus crash. Terrence Cook is brought in for questioning about the bus crash.


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