2.10 "One Angry Veronica"

Aired Dec 07, 2005


Veronica's been dreaming of a white Christmas, or at least one that doesn't involve jury duty. But Jolly Old Saint Nick must bear a grudge against her because she gets put on a case, involving a Mexican prostitute and the two 09ers who beat her up, that's anything but the most wonderful time of her year. And all through the hospital, not a creature was stirring—especially not Meg, who DIES from a blood clot after securing Veronica's aid in keeping the Mannings away, once she labors and a child is born. What child is this? Why the one that proves Duncan got round yon virgin Meg. And all Keith wants for Christmas is to find the Aaron Echolls sex tapes, but Logan gets to them first and destroys the tapes before anyone can say, "Don't cry, I'll be back again someday." And in the end, Veronica celebrates times gone by with Wallace by her side. Aw.


Important Parts

  • Veronica is on jury duty for the case of two 09er boys, accused of beating up a Mexican girl. As the town takes predictable sides, the jury's rush to acquit is stemmed by further investigation and consideration of the case, and the boys are found guilty.

  • One of the jurors tells Veronica that Hearst University in Neptune would be interested in her and says she would push for Veronica to be awarded a scholarship.

  • The Aaron and Lilly sex evidence tapes were stolen from the Sheriff's Department. Woody hires Keith to investigate. Keith discovers that Leo stole the tapes to help his sister, who has Down Syndrome. Logan buys them from him and destroys them.

  • Duncan knows about Meg's pregnancy from the letter. Meg wakes up. Duncan and Veronica visit Meg. Meg and Duncan don't know what they're doing to do.

  • Meg's parents want her to give the baby up for adoption to an agency that promotes severe discipline. Meg makes Veronica promise that if anything happens to her, Veronica will make sure her parents don't take the baby.

  • Meg dies. The baby, a girl, survived.

  • Wallace comes back just in time for New Year's.


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