2.09 "My Mother, the Fiend"

Aired Nov 30, 2005


It's all about maternity on Veronica Mars this week when Veronica discovers a report that her ma was suspended for spreading malicious rumors that a student was pregnant. In the end, it turns out that a) the rumor was true (and Trina was the baby), b) Lianne wasn't the one who spread it (current health teacher Mrs. Ms. Hauser did), and c) (now former) Principal Moorehead was the father. Beaver decides to start up his own stepmom-and-pop real estate company, Duncan gets into a fight with his matriach, Logan and Weevil get into the mother-of-all-battles, and Veronica finally visits Meg's room and finds out that Meg's a mommy-to-be. Plus, after Veronica leaves, Meg opens her eyes. Whoa, momma!

An alternate ending was filmed as a ratings stunt and IS NOT part of the story. The alternate ending is about a minute long and begins right after Veronica finds out that Meg is pregnant. Veronica hides when Rose Manning visits her daughter. Once Rose has gone, Veronica finds Meg smothered to death, and she is discovered by a nurse holding the pillow.


Important Parts

  • Logan and some 09ers beat up Weevil and duct tape him to the flagpole. He and Logan begrudgingly agree to work together to find out who killed Felix but must fight to satisfy Weevil's honor and reputation.

  • Clemmons makes Veronica alphabetize old school records as punishment for having keys to his office.

  • While going through the records, Veronica finds her mom's. She was suspended for spreading vicious rumors about someone. Veronica's investigation leads her to think that Jake got Celeste pregnant when Jake and Lianne were in an off period.

  • Veronica finds out that the child was Trina Echolls, however, a lunch lady is her mother. Mary was a student when she got pregnant, and then-Vice Principal Moorehead was the father. Trina busts her dad who is fired from his job.

  • Kendall tries to sleep with both Logan and Duncan, as well as get money from them, but isn't successful.

  • Cassidy uses his trust fund money to start a real estate company. He hires Kendall to be the "CEO" since he is still a minor. Mac helps him make a website and letterhead stationery. They flirt.

  • Veronica finds the dead rat from the bus in her freezer. She thinks it's a sign, because she was the "rat." Keith tells her that she was right: he should have won the election and he should have taken over the investigation.

  • Veronica sneaks into Meg's hospital room and sees that Meg is visibly pregnant. When she leaves, Meg opens her eyes.


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