2.08 "Ahoy, Mateys!"

Aired Nov 23, 2005


What dreams may come in Neptune? Well, the Oliveres family, who lost their son in a bus crash, want to think it's a dream when someone keeps leaving toy buses in their house and recordings of their son's voice in their car, but it's just revenge from their son's would-be boyfriend for dreaming to get rid of their son's homosexuality. Veronica tries to figure out who paid Dr. Griffith to testify, but is basically told to dream on, and Logan would never dream that Weevil would kidnap him and threaten to shoot off his — well, let's just say, many fans dream of how big it is — but that's just what he does. And Duncan dreams sweet dreams of Meg, who tells him that only he can save her. So he wakes up from his pipe dream and opens her letter to find something so shocking the fans can't dream of what it is.


Important Parts

  • Duncan is having dreams about Meg telling him that only he can save her. He reads the letter he found in her air vent and is shocked.

  • Veronica is still helping Logan find out about Dr. Griffith. She discovers that he is a friend of the Fighting Fitzpatricks. When they discover who she is, they mean to harm her but are stopped by Logan who has called 9-1-1. He also has a gun, allowing them to leave.

  • Between finding out a biker is dealing cocaine and that one of the bikers might be working with the Fighting Fitzpatricks, Weevil wonders if he's still in charge.

  • Keith is hired by the Olivereses, parents of a boy killed on the bus crash. They are suing the school district and have been getting harrassed.

  • Veronica discovers that a gay boy was doing the harassing because he believes Marcos wouldn't have been on the field trip if he hadn't been trying to live a normal life after his parents suspected he was gay.

  • Thumper, one of the bikers, tells Weevil that he wasn't actually around when Felix was killed like he originally said he was. Hector and Bootsy were.

  • Two bikers grab Logan and try to get him to admit to the murder or give them information. Logan says he doesn't know anything. He discovers that Weevil was behind this and threatens him.


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