2.07 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner"

Aired Nov 16, 2005


But they do put her in a closet. This week, we see the seedy underbelly of Neptune we always hear about: the kids. Yes, Veronica takes on babysitting in an attempt to figure out which one of Meg's babysitting charges was being abused (that was what those emails on her computer were about). It turns out that they're all screwed up, but the one actually being abused is Meg's sister Grace. Veronica and Duncan have to break into Meg's home to figure this out and get caught, but Lamb lets them go. Turns out he might have been abused himself as a child. In other news: Logan gets Veronica to investigate Tom Griffith, the man claiming to witness Logan murdering Felix, and Kendall has some trouble adjusting to life without Big Dick and his money. Neptune: the place for dancing that is not clean. If you know what we mean.


Important Parts

  • The Casablancas lawyer tells Dick and Beaver that they have trust funds that they can access when they are 21. Kendall doesn't get anything because all of her accounts were shared with Big Dick and his accounts have all been frozen.

  • Dick and Beaver's biological mother comes to visit them and they convince her to sign the papers so they can have access to their trust funds now.

  • Logan asks Veronica to help him prove the witness to Felix's murder is lying. The man who claimed to make the call from the bridge is a respected plastic surgeon. However, Logan says that isn't the man who found him on the bridge.

  • Kendall tries to get money from Logan, who kicks her to the curb. She leaves his room, only to enter Duncan's, naked.

  • Woody tells Keith his plans for Neptune, to make it a city comprising the rich parts, independent of the rest of Balboa County, and for Keith to be the city's Chief of Police.

  • Gia has a girls' slumber party with a few 09er girls, including Madison. Veronica comes without knowing this. She helps Gia and Madison discover their common interest: Dick.

  • Duncan read some of Meg's emails and found out that she suspected one of the children she babysits of being mentally abused. Whilst the word "abuse" may apply to all the 09er kids they investigate, Duncan and Veronica discover that Meg's little sister Grace is locked in a room hidden behind a closet.

  • Unseen by Veronica, Duncan pockets a letter he found in Meg's air vent.

  • Sheriff Lamb arrests Duncan and Veronica after they're caught breaking and entering into the Manning household. However, he lets them go after he checks into their story about the abuse, a subject with which he seems to have personal experience. He's waiting outside the Manning home at the end of the episode.


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