2.06 "Rat Saw God"

Aired Nov 09, 2005


The night of the election is at hand, and it looks like the dead heat is broken when Lamb beats Keith by a small margin. Veronica, on the other hand, gets a chill from an unexpected visitor: Abel Koontz, who wants to see his daughter before he goes stone cold. Unfortunately, she's disappeared, and Veronica (with some unexpected help from Clarence Wiedman) finds out she's been iced murdered. Meanwhile, Logan is rearrested for Felix's murder when a witness brings some information into the cold light of day, and the PCH bikers get revenge on Logan by burning the midnight oil...literally. His roof, his roof, his roof is on fire! Logan gets some fatherly advice but gives a cold shoulder, and Keith has a chat with Aaron Echolls that redefines the term "icy." In the end, Clarence is going to strike Amelia's murderer while the iron is hot, and Keith finds something in the bus wreckage that makes his blood run cold.


Important Parts

  • Keith loses the race for sheriff. Woody Goodman wins the race for county supervisor.

  • Logan is arrested again for the murder of Felix Toombs after a man who claims he is a witness turns Logan in.

  • Logan ends up in jail with his father. Aaron claims Duncan killed Lilly, but Logan doesn't believe him.

  • Logan gets out of jail on bail. This angers the PCH bikers, who burn his house. Logan retaliates by buying Weevil's grandma's house and kicking his family out.

  • Logan has moved in with Duncan.

  • Abel Koontz, who is close to dying, asks Veronica for help in finding his daughter.

  • Veronica's search leads her to work with Clarence Wiedman. She discovers Amelia's dead body. They work together to find Amelia's killer.

  • Lamb tells Keith about Veronica's name turning up on Curly Moran's dead body. Keith is angry and Veronica fills him in.

  • Keith goes to visit Aaron and tells him that if anything ever happens to Veronica, Aaron will pay the consequences.

  • The bus has been recovered. Keith breaks into the secure area where it's being kept to search it.


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