2.05 "Blast from the Past"

Aired Oct 26, 2005


This week, lingering problems plague our stalwart cast. Jackie plays a vast joke on Veronica, who's left aghast by the punking as well as being sassed by Lilly, who's long since passed. Turns out Jackie's dad Terrence has amassed quite the gambling debt, but Sheriff Lamb is willing to give him a free pass if he contributes some cash to the campaign; meanwhile, it's revealed that Keith merely chastised a drunken Ed Doyle years before instead of giving him the DUI that would have kept him from completing the bus driver path. Veronica discovers a voicemail message in which one of the passengers harassed a friend just as it crashed with an explosion signaling her last breath, but Lamb doesn't want to investigate, though he's at Neptune's metaphorical mast. Poor Wallace has clashed with just about everyone, as well as outclassed his skanky dancing-with-Logan-at-Homecoming girlfriend (people say she's fast). The final blast may be of friendship passed as Wallace gets out of town with his dad Nathan, who we sincerely hope is not a pederast.

-marksoflove, Inigo

Important Parts

  • Jackie hatches a plan to make Veronica look like a fool.

  • Wallace finds out that Nathan Woods is his biological father. Unfortunately, while working undercover, Nathan became a drug addict. Wallace gets into an argument with Alicia because she never told him about it.

  • Alicia subsquently gets into a fight with Keith when she realizes he took her personal files.

  • Wallace is upset. Veronica decides to support him by nominating him for Homecoming King.

  • During a debate, Lamb brings up the fact that Keith pulled Ed Doyle over for drunk driving, but didn't give him a DUI. If he had, Ed wouldn't have been hired to drive a school bus.

  • Veronica bugs Lamb's office and overhears a conversation between him and Terrence Cook. Terrence was participating in some crooked business with a baseball gambler. Lamb blackmails Cook.

  • Veronica hears a cell phone message left by one of the girls on the bus as it went over the cliff. Veronica thinks she hears an explosion before the bus hits the railing. Keith refuses to make this public, but he tries to get Lamb to look into it. Lamb doesn't seem like he's going to.

  • Duncan and Logan are trying to mend fences.

  • Veronica plans to get back at Jackie after her plan to humiliate Veronica works, but Wallace asks her not to. They get into an argument.

  • Wallace is angry with Jackie and won't take her to Homecoming. Jackie takes some unidentified pills and shows up alone.

  • Veronica almost gets into a fight with Jackie when she sees her all over Logan. Wallace sees this and leaves the dance.

  • Wallace leaves Neptune with his dad.


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