2.04 "Green-Eyed Monster"

Aired Oct 19, 2005


That old green-eyed monster Jealousy rears its ugly head this episode when Veronica, Private Eye, is hired by a woman to see if her maybe-fiancé is more than meets the eye. Turns out he only has eyes for her, but she thinks the wool has been pulled over her eyes. Also, Weevil responds to Veronica's evil eye by spilling the beans that an anonymous tip told him Curly Moran was responsible for the bus crash, but he'll believe that in a pig's eye. It also turns out Meg had some computer files she wanted to keep from prying eyes and Veronica can no longer turn a blind eye to Duncan's behavior. Will they ever see eye to eye? And Alicia tells Keith to keep an eye out for Carl Morgan, an ex-boyfriend who wants an eye for an eye, but it turns out that she's throwing dust in his eyes, as Carl is a cop. In the end, Wallace can't believe his eyes when Carl tells him he's his father without batting an eye.


Important Parts

  • Veronica helps a woman get information on her boyfriend. It turns out that the boyfriend is innocent of any wrong-doing.

  • Veronica questions Weevil about the earring the sheriff's department has, believing it to be his.

  • Weevil received an anonymous call saying that Curly was to blame for the bus accident. Veronica traces the call to the Echolls home.

  • Logan had a party the night of the phone call. Weevil and the PCH bikers crashed it, as did Lamb and some deputies.

  • Duncan has been visiting Meg every day at the hospital. Her parents yell at Duncan and Veronica to leave.

  • Meg had a notebook computer that her parents didn't know about. Lizzie brought it to Duncan to ask him to remove her personal info. Since he doesn't know Meg's password, Veronica gets Mac to help.

  • Veronica starts working for her dad again.

  • Keith looks up information on the man stalking Alicia. He seems to have a record, but it turns out that he's a decorated Chicago police officer. That man tells Wallace that he is his father.


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