2.03 "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang"

Aired Oct 12, 2005


Veronica does two things to improve her future: joins the Future Business Leaders of America (also known as FAMBLA) and agrees, in exchange for a cool grand, to find out if BeavCassidy's new stepmom is stepping out. Veronica has other things on her mind, though, as Lamb questions her about David "Curly" Moran, the man who died with "Veronica Mars" on his hand. She simultaneously investigates both cases, and what she finds is not good: Big Dick Casablancas is cheating on his shareholders with a worthless piece of property, Mrs. Casablancas is cheating on her husband with a worthless—oh, come on, you know we love Logan—and to top it all off, Curly used to do movie stunts for Aaron Echolls. Something to do with trucks, and cliffs, but it's probably not important. She shows Beaver the evidence, and he tells his dad as Veronica confronts Logan. Big Dick doesn't take it well, telling his employees to shred everything and exiting in a helicopter (making him a better exit strategist than George Bluth, Sr.), and neither does Veronica, as she tearfully tells Duncan that the bus crash was meant for her.


Important Parts

  • Wallace and Jackie are spending more time together. However, Jackie comes into Java the Hut with another guy.

  • Keith and Alicia go to Chicago together. A man with an official-looking badge calls Alicia "Cher" and walks after her. Alicia, recognizing the name, avoids him.

  • Veronica is questioned by Lamb as a result of her name appearing on the body that washed up on the beach, one Curly Moran. She realizes she has seen him before, when she helped him light a candle for the memorial.

  • Duncan and Logan get into a fistfight. Logan says it's not because of Veronica but because Duncan wasn't there for him all summer. Duncan says he had his own problems, such as finding out that Logan's dad killed his sister.

  • Beaver hires Veronica to prove that Kendall is cheating on his father.

  • Veronica finds out that Big Dick's company is cheating people and that Logan is sleeping with Kendall.

  • When Beaver shows his dad the photographs of Kendall cheating with Logan, he tells his dad he hired a private investigator. Big Dick tells his office staff to shred everything and takes off in a helicopter.

  • Veronica looks up Curly Moran and sees him in a photograph with Aaron Echolls. In Logan's house, she sees a poster of Aaron's first movie, The Long Haul, wherein a truck goes off a bridge. This stunt was done by David "Curly" Moran. Veronica believes that she was the target of the bus accident.


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