2.02 "Driver Ed"

Aired Oct 05, 2005


Senior year at Neptune High is off to a running start, and all appears hunky dory. Except...not so much. Still reeling from the bus crash, Veronica agrees to help the bus driver's daughter, Jessie, prove that her father Ed didn't drive the bus over the cliff intentionally. Although the Sheriff's department closes the case as a suicide, Veronica discovers that Ed was having an affair and planned to leave his wife, not end his life. Meanwhile, Wallace strikes out on his own and uses his blossoming detective skills to help new student Jackie Cook, and Woody Goodman convinces Keith to get back into the lawmakers' game with a little (unintentional) help from Sheriff Lamb. After assisting Jessie, Veronica realizes that life is too short and has sex with Duncan (on purpose this time). Life was also too short for a stranger from the bus crash memorial, who ends up washed on the beach with "VERONICA MARS" written on his hand.


Important Parts

  • Meg is alive, but badly injured. Veronica is feeling guilt, along with many other emotions, about the crash.

  • The sheriff's department is investigating the bus crash. The driver, Ed, seems to have had a history of depression and had not taken his anti-depressant medication.

  • Veronica discovers that Ed left the note not because he was going to kill himself, but rather because he was leaving his wife for another woman.

  • Lamb searches Ed's house and finds what he mistakenly believes to be a suicide note.

  • Veronica discovers that Ed was going to leave his wife for another woman.

  • Lamb won't re-open the case. Keith overhears this and decides to take mayoral candidate Woody Goodman up on his offer to help Keith to run for sheriff.

  • Logan is still having an affair with Kendall Casablancas. Beaver finds a condom wrapper under the couch.

  • Veronica and Duncan have sex.

  • Wallace uses some detective skills to help a new girl, Jackie, Terrence Cook's daughter, find out who hit her car.


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