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This site is a collaborative group effort by a bunch of obsessive, Rob-Thomas-is-my-television-god, Kristen-Bell-and-the-cast-are-so-talented-and-hot, counterfeiting, pillow-talking Marsaholics. If there is a 12-step program to help deal with our addiction, we don't want nor need it. We're addicted, we admit it, and we are [bleeping] proud of it!

If it weren't for the efforts of alliterator, BepperGirl, brian, chris1010, FakerMcFalse, fickledame, funky-donut, geniusblonde, grim squeaker, Gr8Writer, healing fish, InigoMontoya, jb88, lilserf, maribella, marks of love, misskiwi, mrhooks, persnicketier, Polter-Cow, public displays of lust, spacecitymarc, topanga, wilecoyote and wyk, this site would never have been possible.

About the Site

Unabridged version

So the short version wasn't enough for you, eh? Like any good private dick, you want to scratch beneath the surface? You want to find the dirt on the backstabbings and the corruption, and see the photos from the sleazy hotels? Well, tough, Dick. Ain't gonna happen. Being hooked on Veronica Mars gives us a strength and unity that can move mountains and create websites. Our name is Mars Investigations.net and we are Marsaholics. And this is our story.

(Ok, maybe "move mountains" is a slight exaggeration. I'm so out of shape right now, I couldn't even move a molehill, much less a mountain. But the "move mountains" thing has been around for a long time, so instead of switching to something more truthful or exciting, I decided to just stick with this tired cliché. Come to think of it, that last sentence basically sums up my last couple of relationships...but hey, back on topic.)

While our addiction has brought unimaginable highs on Tuesday nights, the overnight Nielsen ratings the following day have brought devastating lows. Since the beginning of the season, the Veronica Mars fans at TWoP have wondered, "Why aren't more people watching this show?" We all agree that Veronica Mars is one of the best, if not the best, shows of this season.

In an effort to help attract more people to the show and, to a lesser extent, to find some way to while away the time during the agonizing 35-day hiatus between "Ruskie Business" and the final seven shows of the season, a group of TWoPers decided to create a website to help introduce the show to new viewers. The show's intricately woven mysteries and multi-layered characters are both a blessing and a curse.

It's a blessing because Rob Thomas has managed to renew our faith in great television. For a site known for relentlessly tearing shows apart, the Veronica Mars board at TWoP is a virtual Rob Thomas lovefest. With every gut-busting, jaw-dropping, roller coaster episode, our expectations for the show keep rising, and yet somehow Rob Thomas and the cast not only manage to meet our expectations, they also manage to raise the bar even higher. The Nielsen gods might have never heard of it, the Emmy committee might ignore it, but Veronica Mars is the epitome of great television.

On the other hand, the things the fans most love about the show are also the greatest obstacles in getting new people to watch. We often wonder: how in the world do we explain the intricately woven plotlines to potential viewers? Describing the show as the new Buffy, Nancy Drew on acid, or Twin Peaks meets the O.C. just doesn't even begin to capture the true awesomeness of this show. This website is our attempt to deal with that dilemma.

This site is the product of an insane, experimental, collaborative group effort. When I posted a message on the TWoP board on March 2nd asking if anyone would be interested in creating a website, I had no idea if and how we would be able to pull this off. Creating a website is tough enough, but trying to build a website with a complete group of strangers, whose only communications come from emails and message boards, is just plain crazy. But somehow, bonded together by our mutual love/obsession for the show, we've managed to pool our collective talents to build a site of which we are all proud. It's astounding that a bunch of people who wouldn't recognize each other if they were stuck in the same elevator have somehow managed to create this whole site in less than two weeks.

None of us would have ever attempted to build a site by ourselves, because individually each one of us is too lazy and too stupid. But by working as a group, each person was allowed to play to his or her strengths, whether it's brainstorming, creating the graphics, writing, or proofreading. Each page on this site has been read, picked apart, edited, and re-written numerous times over. There have been a few minor disagreements along the way, but for the most part, this site building process has been a blast. A time-consuming, OMG-I-have-to-upload-that-page-again, this-person-wants-a-comma-but-that-person-wants-a-semicolon type of blast, but a blast nonetheless. Thanks, everybody.

And, just to let you know, all the great things about the site like the countdown counter, the picture of Veronica in the left hand corner, the mini thumbnail menu on the character pages, and the snark on the "About this Show" and "About this Site" (excluding the webteam bios) sections are all me. Yep, I did them. I rock. I'm the coolest. Can't touch this. In fact, I'm giving myself a one-person body bump and a high five as I'm writing this, to celebrate the awesomeness that is me.

And for those of you who actually bothered reading this whole thing: what is the matter with you? Don't you have anything better to do with your life than to read the pathetic manifesto of a self-proclaimed, narcissistic Marsaholic? Shouldn't you be spending your time doing something more important? You could be watching the show, writing on your money for the show, and trying to get new people to watch the show!

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this site do not reflect the views of the cast, crew, and studios behind Veronica Mars. And, to be completely truthful, the views on this site do not truly reflect the views of the various team members involved, since I'm the only one with FTP power, and I have no qualms about abusing said power.

A long time ago, I used to be sane...
wyk (webmaster, counterfeiter, spammer, and self-proclaimed Marsaholic)


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