Who's at the Door?

Status: Driving Us Nuts!

After she solved the mystery of Lilly Kane's killer, left her father to the tender care of doctors and Alicia Fennel, evicted her mother and dreamed of Lilly...take a breath...Veronica was woken by a knock at the door. Sleepy and sexy in her night garb, she saw who it was and said, with a soft smile playing across her features, "I was hoping it would be you."


Wait a minute!

Mystery Summary as of 1.22 "Leave It to Beaver"

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Clues for Who's at the Door?

  • 1.22 "Leave It to Beaver"
  • Veronica looks straight ahead when she answers the door. It is not conclusive. There are always stilts. But based on this, we are fairly confident that it was not Backup.
  • When Veronica told Duncan that she was not his sister, she was very girlie. Very girlie indeed. They then exchanged a long lingering look at the scene of the murder dénouement. Was first love re-igniting? Had it ever died?
  • Logan is a sucker for punishment as evidenced by his past willingness to put up with shabby treatment from Lilly and going back for more. Do accusations of murder and being turned in to the law rate as shabby treatment or do they go beyond the forgivable?
  • Veronica's clock reads 3:07 when she is awoken. Turned upside down, that is...3:07 turned upside down. Some read it as LO:E and point to this as a clue that the visitor is LOgan Echolls. Others think that it stands for LoVe, a gut-wrenchingly coy shorthand for "Logan/Veronica — squee!" These people may be deluded. Of course, they may also be right.
  • If Logan is dead, it's probably not him. Unless it is his ghost. Which is entirely plausible. Just ask Lilly.