Who's Who of Veronica Mars — I

I. Roger
See Roger, I.

Character from Shakespeare's Othello. A miscellany of posters decorate the walls and the fronts and sides of the lockers at Neptune High. Prominent amongst them is one celebrating the sly, manipulative, amoral villain of the Bard's tragedy:
I do hate him as I hate hell-pains.
And did you see the handkerchief.
Go out and cry a mutiny.
O, beware, my lord of jealously.

Pirate Pride gives way to English literature in 1.01 "Pilot."


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Ice Cold Man

Creepy de-programmer. About as compassionate and warm as a Borg drone, he helps the Gants securing their income son's well-being in 1.09 "Drinking the Kool-Aid."


Played by Ray Proscia.
Ice Man

A character in the popular comic book Uncanny X-Me— oh, wait, wrong one. Actually, this Ice Man is a nickname for Chip Diller and probably an in-joke for Aaron Ashmore, whose twin brother played Iceman in the X-Men movies. There was also a play (and later movie) called The Iceman Cometh, though it's more likely Chip's referencing Val Kilmer's nickname in Top Gun than a Eugene O'Neill play in 2.16 "The Rapes of Graff."


Iggy Pop
See Pop, Iggy
Ilie Nastase
See Nastase, Ilie
Imitation Crab

Radio alias of Vincent "Butters" Clemmons. You'd think, wouldn't you, that given the opportunity to name yourself, you'd at least choose a title that doesn't imply you can't live up to crustacean standards. And yet, Butters is just the kind of self-deprecating out-of-the-box thinker AM 540 needs. Tri-corner hats off, o humble seafood! Vince is the Diet Coke, the margarine, the Splenda, the imitation crab of cool in 2.08 "Ahoy, Mateys!"


Imposing Guy

Very imposing man who works for the Madame. He's simply gigantic. When Madame needs to intimidate junior PIs and their clients, he's the go-to guy. Dude is about 8 feet tall, no exaggerating, so no wonder 5'1" Veronica might be a little intimidated by him in 3.11 "Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves."

-funky-donut, dutchmoxie

Played by Robert "Bonecrusher" Mokes.
Indiana Jones
See Jones, Indiana
Indigo Girl

One of two in a popular folk duo. And, did you hear? They're TOTALLY GAY. Which means that any sort of lesbian poetry demands a reference. Having been outed as a kindred spirit, Marlena Nichols is a little closer to fine in 2.14 "Versatile Toppings."


Inga Olofson
INS Agent

An agent for the Immigration and Naturalization Services, he
handcuffs and removes for being here with an expired visa. Unlike Veronica, this guy isn't charmed with Nasir's Omar Sharif-like charm, or perhaps he just never saw Doctor Zhivago in 3.16 "Un-American Graffiti."


Played by Chet Grissom.
iPod Girl

Kendall's nickname for Veronica. Someday, we hope to see The Adventures of iPod Girl and Her Waxy-Eared Boyfriend in comic shops, but it's not to be in 2.07 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner."


Iris Huezo
See Huezo, Iris
Iris Huezo #2
See Huezo #2, Iris
Sir Isaac Newton
See Newton, Sir Isaac

Cow. At the Moon Calf Collective. Veronica's utter lack of country know-how makes her an udder muddler in an otherwise rudderless 1.09 "Drinking the Kool-Aid."


Isobel Campbell
See Campbell, Isobel
Ivan Pavlov
See Pavlov, Ivan
Ivan Turgenev
See Turgenev, Ivan

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