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The Part Where We Kind of, Sort of Gently Make Fun of People a Little

Q: OMG Logan I luv u so much, I want to have ur babies!!1! R u going to get back together w/ Veronica? She's mean 2 u!

A: Wow. Just...wow. a) Logan is fictional. b) We're not him. c) What is going on with schools today?

Q: Since you guys are BFF with everyone involved with the show, could you tell them that I love them/want to do dirty things to them/think they're really cool?

A: No, no we can't. And if we could...we probably wouldn't.

Q: What? Bitches.

A: Look, we're glad that you think we're that important, but the truth is we have no official affiliation with the people that produce Veronica Mars. We've been incredibly lucky to have gotten the interviews and contacts that we have, and we're eternally grateful and would love a set visit etc. etc. but — and we're going to speak very slowly here — We. Are. Not. Connected. To. The. Show.

Also, that old saying, "Don't shoot the messenger"? We've heard rumors it's untrue, and we're not willing to take that chance.

Q: I love the show, but the DVDs were crap. Hardly any extras. These people obviously don't care about the fans.

A: Look, we understand your disappointment, but here's a little evidence to suggest that is totally untrue. Blame Warner Home Videos for the lack of extras, not Rob. Rob loves us so much that he gave his only begotten website a commentary on the pilot, for goodness sake! There's a few more extras on the Season Two DVDs, but we can't pretend that Warner loves our little show as much as we do.


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