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The Part Where We Point You to Other Parts of Our Site

Q: Who was that one girl that was in that one episode with brown hair who said that one thing? It was so hilarious!
A: We know exactly who you're talking about! Er...we mean, check out the quotes sections and see if you can find her!

Q: Hey! I just realized something: The dog changed! He was brown and white and then he was tan! I think you should put that on your site!
A: Very observant of you to notice that on the show! Also, it's already on our site. Check out our bio of the three Backups. While you're there, you can check out our bios of all the other characters on the show.

Q: Why is Sheriff Lamb in Secondary for Seasons One and Two? He's totally a main character as is proved by his going in the credits in Season Three!
A: Michael, is that you?

Seriously, though, we originally had it set up so that only the characters in the main credits were listed in Main. Characters that are otherwise important were listed in Secondary. Characters who had appeared more than twice on the show but who weren't central to plots were listed in Tertiary. You'll still see this if you look at earlier versions. Now, of course, we've divided the characters up differently. Sorry, Michael, you're still not on the first page.

Q: I totally missed episode five of last season! What happened?!?!
A: Wow, we're really glad you came here!!! Check out the episode section for questions about what happened in each episode, including a detailed, minute-by-minute description.

Q: OMG, my friend called and I missed the last five minutes of last night's episode!! What happened?!
A: Wow, that sucks. Unplug your phone next week! In the meantime, we have our episode summary and important parts up every week within 48 hours of the episode! Then, if you still need more info, we have the detailed description of the episode up by Sunday at 7:00 pm Eastern (or thereabouts) every week!

Q: Wait, hold on! I'm still catching up on the show, and I don't want to be spoiled. Can I still find information on just the episodes I've seen?
A: Yes, you can! See that little drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner? See how it says, "The last episode I have seen is"? ...Are you there yet?

Q: This show has so many mysteries. I'm confused!
A: Boy, do we have a section just for you!

Q: Hey, what was that one song that was playing in that scene?
A: We have an excellent, up-to-date, and very thorough Music section just for you.

Q: Wait, when did Lianne leave Neptune? Was it before or after Veronica got raped? I'm so confused!
A: Boy, do we have the section for you! If you care about continuity, check out our timeline.

Q: Wow, this is a really big site! How do you keep it updated all by yourself?!
A: Hey, thanks for asking. Actually, there are a bunch of us. It's a collaborative effort. To find out more about us, check out this page.

Q: This page over here isn't working, and this page over here totally has wrong information (and a comma splice!). Basically, you guys suck. How do I tell you this personally?
A: Wow, that was harsh. Hey, remember what we said about a collaborative effort? Forget that, wyk's the one you want. You can find out how to email her here.

Q: I really, really love this show, and I really, really don't want it to get cancelled. What can I do?
A: Neither do we. Neither do we. We have this campaigns section here. Please let us know of any other campaigns going on so that we can add a link. Also, do you know any Nielsen families you can hijack and force to watch VM every week? 'Cause that would be helpful.

Q: I need fanfic! Must have fanfic!
A: Dude, you must chill. Here's where we have all our links to other VM sites, including fanfic.

Q: I see several references on your site to TWoP and TWoPers. What in the world is that?
A: Television Without Pity (TWoP) is a website that gives very detailed, snarky recaps of various TV shows. The people who post on the TWoP message board are known as TWoPers. The message boards are a great place for TV addicts to rave, rant, nitpick, and tear apart every little detail of a show. The idea for this site got its start on the TWoP Veronica Mars board.

Q: What's a VO or VMVO?
A: That's just shorthand for Voice Over and Veronica Mars Voice Over. We MInetters are a lazy bunch so we try not to bother with silly things like vowels, consonants, or whole words.

Q: Where can I find detailed yet funny information on every single person ever mentioned on the show?
A: You sound like our kind of person. Check out our Who's Who section to find out exactly how obsessive yet snarky we can be!

Q: I can't read the whole episode thread at TWoP, but I need to know what people thought of this episode! What did you guys think?
A: That's so sweet that you care what we think! You can find our thoughts about episodes from Season Two here. As for Season One, it's pot-luck.

Q: How do you guys do the Roundtable Reviews?
A:You may not realize this, but we have our own little message board where we make fun of you all hammer out the snarky-yet-educational content of our site. On this board, we open a thread, a figurative round table, as it were, and we dissect the finer (and lesser) points of each episode. Then we collect all the text and ship it to a lab in the jungles of Guatemala. There, the Oompa Loompas sing a song ("Oompa, Loompa, doompity-dee / Let's praise and bash where people can see") and assemble our comments into a discussion that sounds somewhat cohesive and coherent. Then they ship it back in dry ice, just in time for our update. Sometimes they stick a couple mints or a few cookies in there, too! We call those "Feedin' Sundays."

Q: What do you mean "it's pot-luck" for the first season?
A: We hadn't started doing them yet back then, but we add them from time to time. Depends on how much free time our we-work-for-free webteam has.

The Part Where We Pimp New Features of Our Site

Q: Okay, so we know what you guys think of all the episodes in Season Two and a few in Season One, but what about the seasons overall? Was Season One better than Season Two?
A: We've shot the breeze on our thoughts about Season Two. We might get around to Season One one of these days.

Q: You know, I'm sure they've mentioned James Bond more than once on the show. It would be cool to know if I'm right.
A: You are right. Just to let you prove it and show off to your friends, we've added Cultural References to each episode with a stonking great index for you to catch those pop culture gems.

Q: What were Veronica and Weevil doing with that whole Shocker/Scout's Honor thing? I'm very innocent and didn't understand.
A: Poor, sweet, innocent you. Look, the creators of this show just love to slip things past the censors, make tons of references to '80s pop culture, use quotes from movies, etc. etc. Cultural References will decode it all for each episode!


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