FAQ: Season 2

You can email us if you have any questions about the show that are driving you crazy, but with any luck, the answer is here somewhere. Have you read the FAQ for Season One? Good. Or bad. Or whatever, for now we deal with Season Two. And stuff.

The Part Where We Actually Answer Questions About the Show

Q: What happened in Season One?
A: Did you read that this was the FAQ for Season Two? Are you just trying to get us riled? You know, we have ways of tracking you down...oh, never mind. Here's the 20/20 of life going into Season Two: Aaron killed Lilly; Veronica wasn't raped, but actually had sex with Duncan while both were under the influence of innocently-ingested GBH (and no, we are not getting into the argument about whether consensual sex is possible in such circumstances); Duncan broke up with Veronica because he thought she was his half-sister; Lianne left town after Celeste and Clarence Wiedman sent her pictures threatening Veronica as part of an elaborate cover-up based on their mistaken belief that Duncan killed Lilly; and a DNA test proved that Keith was indeed the daddy of Miss Mars. Season One ended with Aaron apprehended, Keith in the hospital after rescuing Veronica from a fiery fridge, Logan and the PCHers, who think he killed Lilly, squaring off on the edge of the Coronado Bridge, and Veronica opening the door with a smile to....

Q: Who was at the door?
A: Hm? What door? No idea what you are talking about. And, I mean, who cares? Oh, all right. We were right. It was Backup on stilts. But he changed his name to Logan.

Q: Is Lynn Echolls really dead?
A: Yes.

Q: But they never found...
A: She's dead.

Q: But Lisa Rinna was on a soap...
A: Daytime and nightime soap characters never die, but thank Rob Veronica Mars ain't a soap. So trust us, she's DEAD!!! Unless of course, Rob decides to bring her back.

Q: Who was responsible for the bus crash?
A: That question is answered in the very last episode of Season Two. Watching is better than reading.

Q: Who died in the bus crash?
A: That information is hush-hush and on the QT, being revealed slowly as the season progresses. But here's a clue: LD ED CL/P/E RL MO LD PF BT MM. There you go.

A: We KNOW! Poor old biker gone to his maker. As to whodunit, we repeat that thing about watching.

Q: What happened to Aaron?
A: You know how in most television shows, the mystery is solved, the denouement is done, the crook is caught, and you never hear about them ever again? Yeah, well, that doesn't happen in Neptune. Actions have consequences, baby, and Aaron is just in jail, not in the purgatory that he deserves. Aaron has money. Aaron has Oscars. What trouble could he make with those assets, hmm?

Q: I've heard this show has famous fans. Is that really true?
A: It really, really is. And when famous, talented, creative fans make their love of Veronica known, they get to appear on the show. See the writer/director of some of the finest comedies ever filmed show up as a store clerk. See the creator/writer/director of not one, not two, but three cult favorites extemporize on the abuse of office power. Mourn with us that the most famous and successful horror writer ever wasn't able to make his appearance.

Q: How old is Veronica now?
A: Veronica turned 18 over the summer between Season One and Two.

Q: Veronica is 18 now? Whoo, she's finally legal!
A: Hey, dirty old man/woman, Kristen Bell was already 24 last season. So you could have lusted after her all you wanted without fear of pity. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

Q: Why isn't Veronica wearing her choker and star pendant this season?
A: Some fan broke into the wardrobe department during the summer and stole them. And given that this was a UPN show with a UPN-sized budget, the show couldn't afford to replace them. Either that or Veronica has moved on with her life and she doesn't need those necklaces to remind her of who she once was.

Q: What type of camera does Veronica use?
A: How are we supposed to know? Do we look like camera experts to you? It's a black Nikon that has a lens-like whatchamacallit on the front and a pushy button doodad on the right side. Actually, according to this dude, who is a camera freak, it's a Nikon D70.

Q: What type of phone does Veronica use?
A: Are you related to the person who asked the previous question? Geez, we swear, sometimes it feels like we work at an electronics store. During the first season Veronica was constantly switching phones. (Apparently the props department didn't realize that the Mars family was supposed to be poor.) But during the second season, Veronica's phone budget has been slashed, and she is stuck with using the T-Mobile Sidekick.

Q: So, you are not berating me about the ratings. They were good for Season Two, huh?
A: Uh, no. No, they were not. And Season Three exists on a wing and a prayer. So, please buy the S2 DVDs, pass them around to all your friends/family/colleagues/fellow students/whoever. The show still needs the viewers.


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