2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword"

Aired Sep 28, 2005


It's the new school year and Veronica has turned her life around over the summer—she has a boyfriend, a normal job, and doesn't handle cases anymore. That is, until a bunch of athletes (including Wallace) are kicked off their teams because their drug tests came back positive. Veronica solves the mystery with her usual aplomb and gets them back on their squads, but things still aren't hunky dory. Logan was at the door last year, having survived a beating from the PCH Bike Club, but when he came to, Felix was dead (!) and Logan was holding a bloody knife (!!), which he threw in the ocean. Arrested, he eventually got off due to lack of evidence, but the escalating war between the 09ers and the bikers finally moved Veronica to break up with him, leading him to have an affair with Kendall Casablancas (Dick and Beaver's new stepmom) and Veronica to get back together with Duncan, who had dumped Meg. Veronica tries to make amends with Meg, but she won't have any. Future reconciliation seems increasingly unlikely, especially after the bus that Meg and a bunch of students were in drives off a cliff, delivering all the passengers unto a watery grave (!!!).


Important Parts

  • Veronica has a normal job in a restaurant and has given up private investigation.

  • Keith Mars is the co-author of a book about the murder investigation of Lilly Kane.

  • Veronica discovers that a group of 09er parents fixed the results of mandatory drug tests to get Wallace and several other students kicked out of athletics in order to secure their 09er kids key spots on the teams.

  • Wallace is no longer an office aide, but he did make a copy of the master key and get as many passwords as he could.

  • Logan was the one at the door. He was brutally beaten up by the PCH bikers. He regained consciousness only to find a knife in his hand and Felix dead next to him. He throws the knife into the ocean and goes to Veronica's home.

  • At Veronica's house, Leo arrests Logan for Felix's murder.

  • Logan is released since there is not enough evidence to convict him. The tensions between the have and have-nots skyrocket, as many believe yet another rich boy is getting away with something.

  • Meg hates Veronica, apparently because she believes Veronica is the reason Duncan broke up with her.

  • Logan, Dick, and Beaver set fire to the community pool, causing it to close for the summer. This is yet another battle in the haves vs. have-nots war.

  • Veronica and Logan date for most of the summer. She breaks up with him after his pool-burning stunt. When he loses his temper, Keith intervenes and throws Logan out.

  • Duncan visits Veronica at work regularly, and they eventually start dating again. Logan and Duncan don't speak anymore.

  • Logan is sleeping with Dick and Beaver's new, hot stepmom.

  • Duncan, Veronica, Meg, Dick, and other students go on a field trip to a baseball stadium. One of those students is a new girl, Gia, the daughter of mayoral candidate Woody Goodman. While there, they meet Terrence Cook, a famous baseball player.

  • Dick's father sends a limo to bring the 09ers home, including Duncan, Dick, Cassidy, and Gia. Veronica opts to ride on the bus with the other students, in the hopes of making amends with Meg. It doesn't work.

  • When the bus stops at a gas station, Veronica sees a vision of Lilly and follows her, only to find Weevil instead. They aren't getting along; he resents her return to 09er culture, and she says that since he was unconscious at the time, he can't know if Logan killed Felix.

  • The bus leaves without Veronica, but she gets a ride back with Weevil. They pass the limo stopped at the side of the road. The bus went over the side of the cliff and everyone in it was killed. Nothing happens by accident in Neptune.

-persnicketier, misskiwi

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