1.22 "Leave It to Beaver"

Aired May 10, 2005


This is it, the end of the line. Keith finally goes to the press and the cops with the evidence that Abel Koontz didn't kill Lilly — and he tells Veronica that he is, without a doubt, her real father. Veronica finds out from Beaver that Logan wasn't in Tijuana at the time of Lilly's death. When Logan finds out that she suspects him, he confesses that he knew Lilly was seeing someone else, but just left a letter and a shot glass in her car. While searching for the letter in an air vent, Veronica and Duncan instead find sex tapes that show the killer and motive: Aaron Echolls. He was having an affair with Lilly and when she stole the tapes from him, and wouldn't give them back, he killed her in a rage and Duncan found her body. Aaron confronts Veronica over the tapes and tries to kill her, but Keith saves the day (while sustaining some bodily harm). Veronica kicks her mother out, revealing that Lianne checked herself out of rehab and never kicked the sauce, and Lianne leaves with the $50,000 reward. Logan says goodbye to the world one last time on a bridge and Weevil and his gang come to beat him up...or push him off. Lilly says goodbye to Veronica one last time in dreams and Veronica wakes up to knocking. Opening the door, she says, "I was hoping it was you." Fade out.

See ya next season, bitches.


Important Parts

  • Keith and Cheyenne break the news about Abel's innocence to a newspaper and the investigation into Lilly's murder is reopened.

  • The paternity test proves Keith is Veronica's father. Veronica tells Duncan.

  • Jake tells Duncan that he killed his sister during one of his fits.

  • Beaver tells Veronica that Logan was in Neptune the day of Lilly's murder.

  • Logan is arrested but released for lack of evidence. He confronts Veronica.

  • Logan is distraught and teetering on the edge of the bridge when a vengeful Weevil, believing Logan killed Lilly, pulls up with his bikers.

  • Lianne is still drinking and Veronica tells her to leave. Lianne steals the $50,000 reward bounty on Duncan.

  • Veronica finds video tapes that show that Aaron was having an affair with Lilly.

  • Aaron attempts to recover the tapes. Veronica tries to get away from Aaron but fails and is trapped by him and threatened with incineration.

  • Keith and Aaron fight a bloody battle. Aaron sets gasoline on fire. Keith is badly burnt rescuing Veronica.

  • Aaron and Jake are arrested. Veronica calls Alicia to come stay with Keith at the hospital.

  • Veronica rests and is woken by someone at the door. The episode ends on her warmly welcoming that unseen person.


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