1.22 "Leave It to Beaver"

Aired May 10, 2005


newspaper office: Keith and Cheyenne talk to Lloyd, a newspaper editor, trying to convince him to break the story that Abel Koontz is not Lilly Kane's murderer. Lloyd doesn't believe that Cheyenne is a credible witness but Keith gives him a folder and tells him there is much more to the story than that. He tells Lloyd to read it and if he thinks there's merit to talk to Cheyenne.

Mars home: Keith looks through his mail while walking to the front door. He sees the paternity test results have come. He is about to open it when he hears laughter coming from inside. He puts the envelope in his pocket and enters his home. Veronica and Lianne are there, preparing dinner. They are laughing and enjoying each other's company. Lianne wants her music to match what she's making for dinner. Keith pretends to go along with it but doesn't look very happy.

Mars Investigations: Keith's office: Keith opens the United Genetics envelope and looks at the DNA test results. He puts it away when Cliff walks in, asking Keith in disbelief if he really intends to sue the Kanes. Keith says the Kanes will settle.

school outside: A newspaper article entitled "Eyewitness Steps Forward: Escort claims she was with Koontz at time of Kane murder" is being read by Dick and Beaver. Beaver is all worked up and says there are phone records and the shoes can't be explained. Dick tells him to chill out and that they said they'd take it to the grave. Beaver nods, noticeably worried.

school hall: While walking with Veronica, Wallace reads the part in the article about how Keith kept continuing to find Lilly's murder aloud. Veronica sees Logan down the hall, grabs Wallace, and rushes him into the girl's bathroom with her. She asks Wallace to tell her when Logan is gone. Wallace says she can't avoid Logan forever.

Mars Investigations office: Keith tells Alicia that he needs to do everything to keep his family together. Alicia asks him if it's really what he wants. Keith doesn't answer. Alicia walks out in tears. Veronica comes in as Alicia is leaving. Keith tells Veronica that he had to tell Alicia that his situation has changed. Veronica says she's sorry, but Alicia should understand, since Lianne came back. Keith nods and Veronica gives him a hug.

Kane home: Jake and Celeste are talking about a dinner they will be having for the governor. Duncan walks and asks if anyone has read the paper as he puts it on the counter. He says Abel Koontz didn't kill Lilly and he wants to know what's going on. Celeste says that Keith Mars made it up but Duncan slams his hands on the counter and yells at her to stop lying to him. Jake asks Duncan if he really wants to know. Celeste says no but Duncan says he does. Jake tells Duncan that he killed Lilly in an epileptic fit.

flashback: Celeste calls Duncan to come inside but he doesn't respond. He is sitting on the ground by the pool in his soccer uniform, rocking back and forth with Lilly lying next to him. Jake calls him as well, but Duncan does not respond. Jake and Celeste run over to him and Jake calls his name again. Duncan turns around and there is blood all over his face. Celeste starts sobbing and they see Lilly in Duncan's arms. Jake looks at Lilly, then at Duncan.

Kane home: Duncan looks dumbfounded. Celeste goes to answer the doorbell. Jake tells Duncan that it was an accident, that he didn't know what he was doing and that he loved Lilly. Duncan shakes his head "no" and starts to cry. Jake tells Duncan that they did it so Duncan could have a future. He hugs Duncan, who sobs. Celeste comes back and says that Keith Mars is suing them.

Classroom: Beaver walks in to talk to Veronica. He mentions that his name is actually Cassidy and that he has some information for her. Beaver says the weekend Lilly was killed, he was in Mexico with Dick and Logan. Veronica knows about this. However, Beaver says Logan got worked up because he thought Lilly was seeing someone new. The day Lilly was murdered, he got up early and drove to Neptune to see her. Veronica looks stunned.

Mars Investigations: Keith's office: Veronica tells Keith about Logan being in Neptune on the day of Lilly's murder. Beaver told her that Logan bought Lilly a shot glass that said, "I got baked in Ensenada" on it. Lilly collected shot glasses. This rings a bell with Keith. He digs through papers to find the inventory of everything in Lilly's room and car. The shot glass Logan gave her was in Lilly's car. Veronica says this means that Logan found Lilly.

school hall: Veronica walks into the hallway which is empty, except for Logan who is at his locker. Veronica says hi to him and he's surprised that she's talking to him. Veronica says she's been avoiding him and that she freaked out the night they were in the guest room. She says she started feeling guilty and was thinking about Duncan and Lilly and it was a hard night in the first place. Logan says she should have told him that she couldn't deal. Veronica replies that when things get out of control, she needs to be alone. Logan says he's freaking out too, about how Abel Koontz didn't murder Lilly. He feels that what they know about Duncan makes it hard to think anything other than that Duncan is the murderer. Logan says he has a feeling that things are going to get really bad. He also asks Veronica not to run out on him again and to tell him if she needs to do whatever. She replies that she needs to do whatever but only for a few days. He's not too happy, but says okay, kisses her on the forehead, says she knows where to find him, and leaves. Veronica calls her dad on her cell phone, saying that she ran into Logan and he's trying to pin it on Duncan. Keith says that the border patrol at Tijuana confirmed that Logan's car crossed the border at 8:57 am on the day of Lilly's murder. Veronica says that's plenty of time for him to have killed Lilly. Veronica hangs up and Weevil walks out of a classroom behind her. Veronica tells him that it's not what it sounded like. Weevil says that it sounds like Logan killed Lilly and that rich boys think they can get away with anything. He walks away.

office: Cliff tells Celeste and her lawyer, Barry, that even though Veronica agreed to help find Duncan, Keith Mars, the licensed Private Investigator is the one who actually found Duncan and ensured his safe return. Celeste says she'd be happy to give Keith a check. Keith wants to know what the condition is and Celeste says that Veronica must relinquish any future claims to the Kane estate. Barry says the contracts are prepared and Veronica just needs to sign them. As he hands the paperwork to Keith, Cliff snatches it. He doesn't understand what they mean by "future claims." Keith says he'll let Veronica make the decision if he can explain it to her. Celeste says Veronica knows why she's being asked to sign these papers and that it's better for everyone if she does. Celeste leaves and Cliff looks completely confused.

Mars Investigations office: Keith is looking at the papers from Celeste. Veronica walks in and Keith tells her that he needs to talk to her. He says he met with Celeste Kane, who will pay the reward if Veronica signs the papers saying that she'll waive any claim on the Kane fortune. Without hesitating, Veronica takes the pen and signs her name. Keith, tearing up, asks her if she knows what she just gave away. Veronica says she doesn't want anything from them. Keith says, "Nothing. You didn't sign away a thing." He then pulls out the paternity test results and tells her that he is definitely her father. Veronica cries happily and they hug. Veronica wants to celebrate but Keith says they can finally go to the authorities with the new information they have on Logan. Veronica agrees.

Echolls home: Two sheriff cars are parked outside. When Aaron comes to the door, Lamb is there with two other deputies. He has a warrant to search Logan's room and tells Aaron that new information has come up about the Lilly Kane murder case. Lamb tells his deputies to make sure to check the air-conditioning vents. Aaron asks where his son is.

school outside: Logan walks out of school. Weevil starts to follow him, opening a club. Just as Weevil is about to beat Logan, Deputy Sacks and another deputy tell Logan that he needs to go down to the station with them to answer some questions. Weevil turns around and leaves.

sheriff's interrogation room: Lamb asks Logan about why he said he was in Mexico on the day of Lilly's murder. Logan completely ignores the question and asks about his phone call. Lamb says his daddy is already sending his lawyer. Logan takes out his cell phone and calls Veronica. He tells her he's at the sheriff's department and asks her to track down his father and do some Veronica-magic to get him out of the mess. Veronica says she'll do whatever she can. When Logan hangs up, Lamb scoffs at him for calling Veronica, since she's the one who gave Lamb the information. Logan looks surprised and upset.

Lamb's office switching with Mars home: Keith calls Lamb, asking him what he found out about Logan. Lamb says he's pretty sure Logan is dating Veronica. Keith asks where Logan is now. Lamb says they let him go because they didn't have much to hold him on and he had his lawyer's help.

Mars home: Keith asks Lianne where Veronica is. Lianne replies that she took Backup out.

beach: Veronica, walking Backup, runs into Logan. He is very angry with her and says she should want to kill herself for how she treated him. Veronica asks if he wants her dead and he says yes. Veronica threatens him with Backup, but Logan bends down to pet Backup, assuring he won't have a problem. Logan tells Veronica that he knew Lilly was seeing someone and didn't know how he would react when he decided to go back to Neptune. He was parked across the street and saw her at the carwash. He says he knew it was over, so he wrote a note to her, explaining it. Logan says he left the note in the car with the shot glass. He says Veronica would know that he would never hurt Lilly if she read the note. A horn honks several times and Keith gets out of his car and yells at Logan to get away from Veronica. Logan says he keeps thinking things can't get worse and then tells Keith that Veronica is all his and walks away. Keith asks Veronica if she is dating Logan but she says not anymore.

Mars home: Veronica's room: Veronica says in her VO that the shot glass was found in Lilly's car but the letter was not. Veronica watches a video on her computer of her and Lilly singing and dancing. Her VO continues to say that if Lilly wanted something to be a secret, she knows where Lilly would have kept it.

flashback: Lilly wants to show Veronica some pictures that she got from a boy that she met in Italy. She gets a screwdriver, opens the air conditioning vent, takes out the pictures, and says Celeste is very nosy. She shows the pictures to Veronica. Veronica says they are naked photos and Lilly agrees. They laugh.

Veronica's room: Veronica's VO says that if Lilly wanted to hide Logan's letter, that's where she would have hidden it. She also asks what one wears to meet the governor? Veronica puts on a waitress outfit, a curly brown wig, and glasses. She walks into the kitchen, pulls out a bottle of water, takes a gulp, and promptly spits it into the sink. She looks at the bottle, then calls to get the number for the Hazelwood Facility in Soquel while tearing up.

Kane home: Veronica, using a tray to hide her face from Celeste, leaves the living room. In the hallway outside Lilly's room, she sets the tray on a table but it clatters to the floor. She picks it up and then goes into Lilly's room. She pulls a screwdriver from her pocket, pulls Lilly's desk chair over to the air conditioning vent, and goes to loosen the screws. She sees that they are already partially out. Veronica looks worried, but continues to loosen the screws. The door opens slowly behind her and someone views Veronica from inside the closet. Duncan enters the room, asks the "waitress" who she is and what she's doing there while pulling her down from the chair. Veronica tells Duncan who she is. Duncan asks what she's doing and she says she's looking for something. Duncan angrily asks her why she's not looking in his room for clues and tries to drag her there. She tells him to calm down and that she doesn't think he killed Lilly. He looks confused. Veronica then says she thinks Logan did. Duncan says no, but Veronica says Logan wasn't in Mexico the day Lilly was killed. She tells Duncan that Logan came back because he thought Lilly was seeing someone, maybe Weevil. Logan says he wrote a letter on the day Lilly died that would prove his innocence. Veronica says Lilly used to hide things in the air vent so Duncan says to see what's in there. Veronica pulls out some video tapes and Duncan takes her to another room so they can play them. As they leave, it is shown that the closet door is slightly open.

Kane bedroom: Duncan plays the first tape which shows a bed. Veronica says it's Logan's pool house. Lilly sits on the bed and is in her pep squad outfit. Veronica says this is the day Lilly died. Lilly calls for her "lover" to come earn his keep. Lilly looks up as she's lying on the bed and notices something. She looks closer at the ceiling, then stands by the bed and looks into a camera. She turns around and walks away and in a few seconds, the tape ends. Duncan looks confused and Veronica says to play the other tape. He says it's dated October first and hits play. This video shows Lilly in bed with a guy, moaning. As they change positions, the guy is shown to be Aaron Echolls. Veronica and Duncan are shocked. Duncan pauses the tape.

flashback: Lilly and Veronica are at the carwash and Lilly says, "I've got a secret. A good one."

Kane bedroom: Veronica, shocked, sits down on the bed. She says she knows what happened.

flashback: Lilly is lying on the bed at the Echolls pool house. She looks up, sees the fan , traces a covered line on the ceiling to a book shelf that she opens. Behind the shelf, she sees a video player. She turns to make sure no one is there, pulls out the tapes and leaves. Just then, Aaron walks in and calls her name. He sees that the bookshelf is open and upon checking, realizes the tapes are gone. Lilly's car drives right through a stop light and she turns around, smirking to herself.

flashback at the Kane home: Lilly put the three tapes into the air vent in her room, grabs a magazine and sunscreen and goes out to the pool. Aaron walks around the house, looking for Lilly. He sees her and tells her he wants the tapes back. Lilly cheerfully says hi and that Logan isn't there. Aaron says he's not playing but Lilly doesn't take him seriously. He grabs her arm and yells at her. She tells him that he'll get to watch the tapes on Access Hollywood with the rest of the world. Aaron grabs a heavy object from the table and hits Lilly in the head with it. She falls down, dead, bleeding profusely. Aaron looks alarmed. He uses his shirt to wipe the fingerprints from the object, tosses it into the pool, and runs away. A little while later, Duncan comes home in his soccer uniform, sees Lilly lying on the ground and yells her name while running to her. He picks her up, hugging her, rocking back and forth, and yelling for her to wake up. Celeste and Jake come out, see Duncan, and run to him. Jake yells "What have you done?" to Duncan and grabs his shirt. Celeste, sobbing, yells no and holds onto Duncan. Duncan looks like he has blanked out.

Kane bedroom: Duncan asks if Aaron could really have done it. Veronica says he is psychotic and that she watched him beat a guy to a pulp. She also mentions that he beats Logan which Duncan is aware of. Duncan says Aaron is at the Kane house right now. Veronica says she has to take the tapes to her dad and asks Duncan to keep an eye on Aaron. Duncan says he will and tells her to be careful. Veronica tells him that her dad had a paternity test done and that she's not Duncan's sister. She smiles and leaves. Duncan looks stunned.

outside the Kane home: Veronica calls Keith and tells him that Aaron killed Lilly. She says she has a video tape of his affair with Lilly. Keith tells her to stay where she is but Veronica says Aaron is there so she's coming home. Keith says not to stop for anything. She calls Logan next.

bridge: Logan is standing on the bridge ledge with a flask in his hand. His cell phone is on the road, ringing.

outside the Kane home: Not getting an answer from Logan, Veronica hangs up.

bridge: Weevil and the bikers drive up. Logan laughs, asking what Weevil thinks he can do to him. Weevil says he'll think of something. Logan, undeterred, puts his hand out to him, mockingly waving him to come on.

Veronica's car: Veronica's phone rings and Duncan says he can't find Aaron and no one he's asked knows where Aaron is. Duncan tells Veronica to call him when she gets home. Veronica hangs up. Looking in her rear view mirror, she sees Aaron. She screams and the car swerves. Aaron tells her to keep driving. She reaches for her cell phone but Aaron grabs it along with her bag. He pulls out the tapes and says he's been looking for them. Veronica pulls on her shoulder belt and turns the car sharply, crashing it into a pole. Aaron flies from the back seat and hits the front dashboard. Later, Veronica is unconscious against her steering wheel. Her phone rings.

Mars home: Keith hangs up when he doesn't get an answer from Veronica. Lianne asks if everything is okay to which Keith replies that everything is fine and that he'll be back soon.

Veronica's car: Veronica wakes up and gets the tapes from Aaron's pocket. She tries to get her phone but can't quite reach it and when Aaron coughs, she pulls back and gets out of the car. She shuts the door, looks around, and spots a house. She runs toward it, limping. She bangs on the door, yelling for someone to let her in, but no one answers. She starts to go try another door, but stops when she sees that the passenger door of her car is open. She throws one tape in a washing machine that is outside and another in a garbage can. She yells "Is anyone here?" and throws the last tape onto the roof over the first floor. A light goes on in a window on the second floor. She sees it and screams "Let me in!" while banging on the sliding door. A man pulls back the blinds but then falls to the floor. Veronica sees Aaron who punches her. Darkness. Aaron's voice is heard, telling her that she is odd for keeping walkie talkies in her car. Veronica, lying on her back, has a walkie talkie in her hand. She asks Aaron what he's done with her. Aaron is sitting on an old refrigerator that Veronica is in. He asks her where the tapes are using the second walkie talkie, saying he'll let her out if she tells him. She declines, saying she feels safer in the fridge. Aaron says she shouldn't. He gets off the fridge, picks up a container, and sniffs it.

car: Keith is driving in his car, looking for Veronica.

outside the home: Aaron pours gasoline over the fridge while telling Veronica that Joan of Arc never really heard God talk to her but had a brain tumor. She was burned alive and she thought it meant something. It just meant she was crazy. Aaron tells Veronica to think about that. He keeps yelling at Veronica to tell him where the tapes are. She doesn't respond.

on the road: Keith sees Veronica's crashed car.

outside the home: Aaron gets frustrated that Veronica won't tell him and kicks the fridge. He says Lilly never told him where the tapes were either and that this should be a cautionary tale for Veronica. He says he won't let a 17-year-old ruin his life. He kicks the fridge again. She tells him the tapes are on the roof and asks him to please let her out. Aaron climbs onto the roof and finds one tape. Keith comes with his gun, yelling for Veronica. She answers but Aaron jumps onto Keith from the roof. They get into a very violent fight, both getting quite beat up. Aaron throws Keith down and is about to hit him with a pole but Keith his Aaron between the legs with an object. Aaron falls down and Keith starts punching him in the face. Keith falls over as well. Aaron pulls out a lighter, lights it, and slides it toward the gasoline. Immediately, the area is engulfed in flames. Aaron laughs and tells Keith that Veronica is in the fridge that is surrounded by flames. Veronica is screaming, pounding on the inside of the fridge. Keith opens the fridge and catches on fire. Veronica gets out and sees her dad fall. She throws him away from the fridge, grabs a blanket, and hits him with it to put out the fire. She succeeds and crying, tells him she loves him. Keith is very badly injured.

on the road: Aaron runs to Veronica's car, grabs her keys from her bag, and gets into Keith's car. Backup growls and Aaron slowly turns around. Backup bites Aaron's arm. Aaron breaks away, gets out of the car, and slams the door. While backing away, Aaron hears a car and turns around in time to be hit by a truck. He flips over and lands on the road. The driver gets out of the car, apologizing and realizes it's Aaron Echolls. Aaron asks for help but Veronica says, "Don't touch him." The driver turns around and sees Veronica standing there with a gun. She asks him if he has a cell phone and when he says yes, she tells him to call 9-1-1 and ask for an ambulance, the police, and the fire department. Later, several emergency vehicles are at the house. Keith is being taken away on a stretcher. Veronica again tells him how much she loves him. Someone else tends to the house owner's wounds. Aaron is also on a stretcher. A deputy reads Aaron his rights. Jake and Duncan pull up and get out. Jake stops Duncan but runs over to Aaron, yelling at him that he killed his daughter and he will make him pay. Two deputies restrain him and another tells Jake he is under arrest for obstruction of justice. They take Jake away. Duncan looks on in horror and Veronica also watches, upset. They exchange a look.

hospital: Keith is asleep in the hospital bed. Veronica is there, waiting. The doctor comes in and tells her that Keith will be fine eventually. He says she needs to get rest. Veronica doesn't want to leave Keith alone. The doctor then asks her if they can call anyone.

Mars home: Veronica comes in and Lianne asks what happened. Veronica says she's fine, Keith is in the hospital, and it's over now. Veronica tells Lianne to pack because she can't be there when Keith comes home. Veronica tells Lianne that she knows she is still drinking and that she left rehab early. Veronica, crying, yells that it was her college money. She bet on Lianne and lost. She has been doing that her whole life, but now she's through. Lianne tells her it's not easy. Veronica says she knows and goes into her room.

hospital: Keith wakes up and there is hand on his shoulder. He smiles and says "Hey you." Alicia sits up from the chair and says that Veronica didn't want him to be alone.

Mars home: Veronica lies down on her bed. Lianne opens Keith's briefcase and pulls out the $50,000 check he got for finding Duncan. She takes the check, along with her bags, and leaves. In her room, Veronica dreams about Lilly.

dream: Veronica and Lilly are on a double pool raft together in matching bikinis. The pool has lilies in it. Veronica asks, "Isn't this better like this?" Lilly replies, "So much better." Veronica says, "This is how it's supposed to be" and Lilly agrees, "Totally." Veronica says, "This is how it's gonna be. From now on. Right?" No answer. "Lilly?" Lilly sighs and responds, "You know how things are gonna be now, don't you?" Lilly shrugs. "You have to know." Veronica responds, worriedly, "Just like this. Just like this." Lilly smiles and says, "Don't forget about me, Veronica." She smiles again. Veronica sits up on her raft and is alone. She sighs and a tear falls. "I could never."

Mars home: A knock on her door wakes Veronica. She looks at the clock which reads 3:07 am. She opens her front door, smiles, and says, "I was hoping it would be you." Fade out.

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