1.21 "A Trip to the Dentist"

Aired May 03, 2005


Buckle up, kiddies, 'cause this one's a doozy. Veronica finally investigates who raped her the night of Shelly Pomroy's party by interviewing (and interrogating) half of Neptune High, including Meg, Luke, Casey, Sean, Dick Casablancas, his brother Beaver, Madison Sinclair, and Carrie Bishop, and she finally learns that Duncan was the one who had sex with her. Duncan's drink was spiked with GHB by Logan (to get him to "loosen up"), while her drink was a "trip to the dentist," a drink with spit in it, that Madison Sinclair gave her (which Dick drugged to try to get Madison to loosen up). Meanwhile, Keith retrieves Duncan from Cuba, just in time for Duncan to reveal to Veronica that Celeste told him she was his sister (which was why he fled after he had sex with her) and for him to freak out after learning she was dating Logan. Speaking of Logan, his relationship with Veronica is revealed to everybody at a surprise party, but Veronica leaves when it's shown that there is a hidden video camera system in the bedroom. But surprisingly, this isn't the twist ending: Veronica comes home to find that Lianne is back.


Important Parts

  • Alicia and Keith argue about Veronica using Wallace to bug Clarence Wiedman. Veronica mentions that Clarence bugged her first.

  • Veronica questions several 09ers about the events of Shelly Pomroy's party where she was raped. Piecing together information from Luke, Sean, Casey, Madison, Carrie, Dick, and Beaver, she figures out why everyone thinks she's such a slut. When she was drugged, Dick and other guys were all over her.

  • She eventually discovers that Duncan is the one who had sex with her. When she confronts Duncan, she finds out that he was wasted and the sex was consensual. He left her there in the morning when he realized that he had slept with the girl who was his sister, according to Celeste.

  • Veronica tells Wallace about the rape and and shows him her files on the murder investigation.

  • Keith goes to Las Vegas and questions a prostitute who was with Abel Koontz the night of the murder.

  • Logan and Veronica are making out and come into Logan's house only to be surprised by Aaron who has thrown a party for Logan. The 09ers are all shocked to see Logan with Veronica, especially Duncan, who leaves and angrily smashes his car windows.

  • Logan and Veronica make out in a room. Logan leaves to get some alcohol and Veronica discovers that there is a video camera in the room. She gets Weevil to pick her up from Logan's.

  • When Veronica arrives home, Lianne is there with Keith.


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