1.19 "Hot Dogs"

Aired Apr 19, 2005


It's a dog-eat-dog world in Neptune. Veronica comes to the rescue of an underdog, barks at an obnoxious mongrel, and sniffs out a dognapping ring. When she decides to explore something with Logan that's anything but puppy love, Leo gets left in the doghouse. Celeste Kane claims her bark is worse than her bite while Keith, not content to let sleeping dogs lie, starts checking out Veronica's pedigree. Aaron Echolls is meaner than a junkyard dog as he bares his canines to daughter Trina's abusive boyfriend, and Weevil gets sent to the pound for breaking into Lilly's old room.


Important Parts

  • Veronica helps her classmate Mandy find her dog, uncovering a dognapping ring.

  • Celeste tells Veronica she doesn't hate her, she just can't stand looking at her because it reminds her of Lianne and Jake's affair.

  • Weevil knows Veronica is still investigating Lilly's murder. He gets arrested for breaking into Lilly Kane's room. Veronica gets him out by making a deal with Celeste: Veronica will help find Duncan if the Kanes don't press charges against Weevil.

  • Weevil has an airtight alibi from 8-2 on the day of Lilly's murder. Keith didn't look into anything after that, because he knows the Kanes lied and why would they lie to protect Weevil?

  • Weevil is released. He had taken a pen from Lilly's room. This pen had concealed notes that Lilly wrote and passed to her lovers. He gives it to Veronica, but won't tell her if there was a note for him in it.

  • Keith sends hair samples from Veronica and himself for DNA testing.

  • Trina got beaten by her boyfriend. Logan asks Veronica to find out who the boyfriend is, which she does. Logan plans to beat the boyfriend up but Aaron gets to him first.

  • Logan and Veronica don't know what they're doing, but they kissed again and are going to see what happens from there. She breaks up with Leo.


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