1.18 "Weapons of Class Destruction"

Aired Apr 12, 2005


Surprise, surprise, surprise. Veronica's life is filled with surprises this week. She is shocked to learn that Wallace could one day be her stepbrother (their parents are dating), her possible half-brother disappears after threatening her (she was investigating), the school bully likes her (it's not bombs he's creating), and the psychotic jackass really likes her (the fans are salivating). In fact she is so surprised by that last revelation, even her voiceover is left speechless. Logan must be one hell of a kisser.

-Polter-Cow, wyk

Important Parts

  • Veronica investigates some bomb threats that the school received and discovers that the threats were fake, used to set up a former bully, Norris. Mac helps.

  • Veronica and Mrs. Stafford, the new newspaper advisor, print the bomb threat articles in the school newspaper, against Mr. Clemmons's will. Mrs. Stafford gets fired as a result.

  • Keith tells Veronica that he is dating Alicia Fennel, Wallace's mom.

  • Neither Wallace nor Veronica are happy about their parents dating. Veronica asks Wallace not to tell his mom yet that Lianne has been found and is in rehab. His mom won't let him tell her anyway.

  • Duncan finds out from Logan that Veronica is still investigating Lilly's murder. He's enraged with her, especially when he realizes there is some question as to whether he killed Lilly.

  • Logan rushes to the Camelot motel and beats up Ben because he thinks Veronica is in danger. It turns out that Ben is an undercover ATF agent. Logan and Veronica kiss passionately, but then Veronica leaves. Things are uncomfortable between them in class the next day.

  • Meg tells Veronica that Duncan took $10,000 out of his bank account and has been missing. The Kanes think he has run away.


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