1.16 "Betty and Veronica"

Aired Mar 29, 2005


Are you a Betty or a Veronica? Do you infiltrate other high schools by impersonating a blomb bombshell who paints her face in school colors and calls herself horny, all while investigating the theft of Neptune High's mascot? Or are you a Veronica, who chases down her mother in small desert towns, all while listening to the Lilly Kane interrogation tapes and baking snickerdoodles for her BFF? Or could you be an athlete like Moose, who sings the praises of his own jumpshot and killer crossover but still manages to juggle studying and caring for Pan High's stolen goat mascot. Life is an Archie comic book, and you are its star. So what's it going to be?


Important Parts

  • Veronica goes undercover at Pan, Neptune's rival school, as "Betty" in order to find out who stole Neptune's mascot: a parrot. She discovers it was Jack, one of Wallace's basketball teammates, who did it to keep Wallace from playing so Jack would be able to throw the game and win thousands of dollars from bets placed on Neptune.

  • In flashbacks, Veronica talks to her newfound, albeit drunk mom about why she left. Lianne says she did it to protect Veronica.

  • The question is raised yet still remains unanswered: who is Veronica's father? According to Lianne, both Keith and Jake are possibilities.

  • Leo gives Veronica the "Lilly Kane Murder" interrogation tapes in exchange for a date.

  • Lianne says she was in a hotel room with Jake Kane at the time Lilly was murdered. Celeste ended up barging into the room because she had been following Jake, but according to Lianne, Celeste was only there for 20 minutes.

  • According to the interrogation tapes, Jake claims he was in the hotel with Celeste for two and a half hours. Celeste claims the same thing separately; however, the two stories conflict.

  • Veronica checks Lianne into an alcoholism treatment clinic.

  • Veronica finds out that Wiedman bugged her room, so she returns the favor by bugging his office. After overhearing Veronica "tell" her dad that she knows who is collecting the money from Abel's confession, Wiedman orders his assistant to contact an "Amelia DeLongpre."

  • Veronica discovers Amelia is Abel's daughter.


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