1.15 "Ruskie Business"

Aired Feb 22, 2005


Love is in the air, everywhere V looks around
Making her despair, Meg has Duncan on rebound
And to stand there and watch would be ghoulish
She runs to the car and cries
But Leo is there with a wide grin
And she melts when she looks in his eyes.

Love is in the air, for the Russian and her squeeze
He has little hair, from his life he's tried to flee
But the truth is that she's just scheming
To find him so he can be slain
By the mobsters whose father he turned in
Until Keith puts an end to their game.

Love is in the air, in the searching by the son
Feelings he does bare, when that search is sadly done
And he breaks down in grief and confusion
Pain that she already knew
Her own mother she's found sunk in sloe gin
In a Barstow bar and Wiedman too.

Love is in the air.


Important Parts

  • Veronica is still trying to help Logan find his mom. Logan and Veronica are on much friendlier terms.

  • Trina Echolls, Logan's half-sister, is the one who has been using Lynn's card. She and Logan are nasty to each other. Trina mentions Logan's abuse, implying that he made it up.

  • Logan breaks down in tears when he realizes that this means his mother is really dead. Veronica comforts him in her arms.

  • Veronica searches for a Russian lady's soulmate who has disappeared. He turns out to be in the witness protection program, and the lady is part of the Russian mob who are trying to locate him. Keith, Leo, and other deputies are able to arrest the Russians.

  • Meg asks Veronica for help in finding out who her secret admirer is. It turns out to be Duncan, and Veronica encourages Meg to dance with him at the spring dance.

  • Leo comes to be with Veronica at the dance. Logan shows up drunk, and Veronica tries to help him, but Trina comes to take him home. After that, Leo and Veronica kiss.

  • Veronica had been getting calls on her cell phone where the caller wouldn't say anything and then hang up. It turns out that her mother was the caller.

  • Veronica finally finds her mom at a bar. Lianne is drunk and afraid to see Veronica, with good reason: Clarence Wiedman appears out of nowhere.


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