1.14 "Mars vs. Mars"

Aired Feb 15, 2005


In tonight's Neptune Law: Michael Kuzak and Grace Van Owen are nowhere in sight as the Mars's take opposite sides in The Case of the Salacious Schoolteacher. The victorious Veronica learns that winning the case isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when guided by prejudice against NHS's gossip queen. She should have looked to Denny Crane for inspiration, not a favorite teacher who impregnated one of his students. In Court #2, video footage probably proves that Lynn Echolls broke out of her Cage and Fish enjoy her bones at the base of the Coronado Bridge. So what would Matlock make of her credit card still being used?


Important Parts

  • Veronica's favorite teacher, Mr. Rooks, is accused of sexual harrassment. Veronica believes he is innocent, while her father, who was hired by the accuser's parents, thinks he is guilty. This creates a conflict between them.

  • Veronica helps Rooks prove his innocence but discovers later that he really was guilty. She makes this right and Rooks resigns.

  • Veronica is helping Logan locate his mother, with some help from Weevil.

  • A freshman seems to have accidentally captured Lynn's jump off the Coronado Bridge on film. However, one of Lynn's credit cards is used, which casts doubt on her death.

  • Shortly after Duncan broke up with Veronica, there was gossip that Duncan was brought to the hospital, kicking and screaming and calling out Veronica's name.

  • Veronica steals Duncan's medical records from his doctor and learns that he has Type 4 epilepsy.

  • While looking for Duncan's medical file, Veronica discovers that Abel Koontz shares the Kane's doctor and he is dying. She visits him in prison to tell him that she knows he's dying and that he's just someone's patsy.

  • Veronica apologizes to Deputy Leo, explaining the contradictions to Abel being Lilly's killer, including the ticket, shoes, and Clarence Wiedman calling in the tip. She tells him she used him, then fell for him.


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