1.13 "Lord of the Bling"

Aired Feb 08, 2005


What up in Neptune this week, yo? Record producer Bone Hamilton is trippin' when his daughter Yolanda is M.I.A. and her whip is found abandoned on a street corner. Refusing to call five-o, he gets Keith on the case. Seems Bone's one bad mo' fo' that everybody's hatin' on, but the lawyer who thinks Bone busted a cap in his spine doesn't seem to know where Yolanda be at, and neither does the gansta rapper Bone dangled out a window. A ransom note demands some bling, but when Bone complies and ponies up his ring packed with ice, the "kidnapper" is a homie: his own son, looking for some props from his old man. Know what I'm sayin'? Yolanda jetted off with the lawyer's son who thinks she's all that and they got hitched. On the other side of the tracks, Logan shows up at Veronica's crib to ask her to help prove his mom bounced outta town and didn't off herself. Fo' shizzle.


Important Parts

  • "Bone" Hamilton, a hip-hop producer, hires Keith to find his missing daughter, Yolanda.

  • A ransom demand is made, but when Veronica and Keith track down the kidnapper, it is Bone's son, trying to prove himself to his father.

  • Yolanda had not been kidnapped — she had actually eloped with the son of one of Bone's enemies.

  • Yolanda was the girl that Logan kissed at his party, shortly before Lilly died.

  • Aaron appears to be grieving for Lynn, but Logan thinks his dad is putting on an act.

  • Logan, on the other hand, doesn't believe his mother is dead. He thinks she ran away to escape Aaron.

  • Logan asks Veronica for help in finding his mom.


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