1.12 "Clash of the Tritons"

Aired Jan 11, 2005


...and the myths do tell of the mighty Triton, whose acolytes, with twisted tongues and silent trials, renew themselves each year with the best of men. And of the seeker Veronica, whose ill-fate it is to be blamed for the sins of others, but whom the gods have endowed with a quick wit to make her smarter than the lamb, and the truth is told. And of the gentle Rebecca who hears true from the men who worshipped the goddess Lilly, be they brother or lover. And all the world hears true when Aaron, the popular hero of the people, is exposed as a satyr by his betrayed mate, who ends her suffering by plunging to her death at Coronado...


Important Parts

  • Rebecca James received a grant to study the long-term affects of grief on adolescents, so she interviews those who were most affected by Lilly's death.

  • Veronica tells Rebecca that she isn't interested in talking away her grief. She'll find closure when Lilly's killer is behind bars. Veronica plants a bug in Rebecca's office so she can hear all of the other sessions.

  • Rebecca tells Weevil that she knows that Lilly asked to be removed from a PE class with him because he was in love with her, much to Veronica's surprise. However, Weevil tells Rebecca that he never would have hurt Lilly.

  • Logan tells Rebecca that he kissed another girl at a party. Veronica saw them and told Lilly. Lilly and Logan were broken up at the time of Lilly's death. He thinks that if they had been together, she still would be alive. Therefore, he attributes some of the blame of Lilly's death to Veronica.

  • Duncan tells Rebecca that he cannot remember anything about Lilly's death. He apparently blacked out for three days. He is on medicine for an unknown condition.

  • Rick gets in trouble for underage drinking after his friend falls into a coma from too much alcohol. He tells Sheriff Lamb that Veronica made their fake IDs, leading to her arrest. When Veronica confronts Rick about it, he tells her about the Tritons, a secret society that Duncan is pledging. He claims they told him to blame Veronica.

  • Veronica finds the Tritons, realizes they aren't involved, and figures out the Rick actually made the fake IDs and set her up to get arrested.

  • Aaron Echolls wants to know who is sending photos into tabloids about his affairs. Keith discovers that it's Lynn. Aaron is angry with Lynn and threatens her.

  • Lynn's car is seen on a bridge at the end of the episode, empty.


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