1.10 "An Echolls Family Christmas"

Aired Dec 14, 2004


'Twas the night before Christmas, a poker event,
Weevil's winnings went missing, down to the last cent.
The players were stripped to be searched with great care,
In hopes that the dough would be found somewhere there.

When who to the rescue but Veronica Mars,
Like a true Sherlock Holmes, that detective of ours.
She checked out the stories, the lies, and the trash,
Uncovered the thief and discovered the cash.

For the people of Neptune decked out in new threads,
'Twas visions of riches that danced through their heads.
They flocked to the Echolls house, sadly unwary,
Enjoyed the trappings, ate, drank, and were merry.

Then a spurned little shrew, who wanted him dead,
Stabbed poor Aaron Echolls, and watched as he bled.
How Lynn did regret that her party now sucked,
Because of the women her husband had...plucked.

[Note: This episode was originally scheduled to air after "Silence of the Lamb," but because this Christmas-themed episode had to air before Christmas, "Silence of the Lamb" was delayed.]

-misskiwi, Inigo

Important Parts

  • Logan, Weevil, Duncan; Sean, an 09er; and Connor Larkin, a movie star, all take part in a thousand dollar poker game at Logan's. Weevil wins, but the cash is missing. He starts taking things from each of the players that are worth $1,000.

  • Veronica investigates and discovers that the money was stolen by Sean, who was only pretending to be rich but was really a butler's son. This earns her new respect from Logan, Duncan, and Weevil.

  • Veronica confronts Jake Kane about the survelliance photos that Clarence took of her. He denies any knowledge of them but angrily confronts Celeste about it.

  • Aaron Echolls has a stalker and Lynn hires Keith to figure out who it is. The stalker turns out to be one of many women he had an affair with. The stalker stabs Aaron at the Echolls Christmas party.


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