1.09 "Drinking the Kool-Aid"

Aired Nov 30, 2004


Let's try that again, Casey. You are a well-situated young man, with a stable family, and your parents love y...no, no, Casey, they are not just after your money, they only want what's best for you. Concentrate, Casey. Very good. No, you can't sing camp fire songs now. The Moon Calf Collective is a group of dangerous cultists who brainwashed and robbed you. Social status is important. No, Casey, it doesn't count that they were warm and friendly. No, selling poinsettias does not make them the right social environment, either. All right, Casey...what do you mean, Save me, Veronica? She can't help you, she's too busy finding not finding her daddy. Well, I guess we should start from the beginning.


Important Parts

  • Veronica realizes that if Jake Kane is her father, she could get millions. She intends to make him pay. She also realizes that Duncan would then be her half-brother.

  • Veronica decides to look for her stalker and finds out that it's Clarence Wiedman, head of Kane Software security.

  • The parents of Casey Gant, an 09er, hire Keith to get information about the Moon Calf Collective, a cult their son joined.

  • Veronica goes undercover at the Moon Calf Collective, befriending Casey and several other Collective members. She discovers that they actually aren't a cult and are more functional than most of Neptune.

  • Casey's parents grab him after his grandmother's funeral and seemingly have him deprogrammed back into the obnoxious, materialistic person that he once was.

  • Veronica does an online DNA test to learn her true paternity but then shreds the results before looking at them.


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