1.08 "Like a Virgin"

Aired Nov 23, 2004


Neptune High used to be Veronica's playground, but few seem likely to live to tell the tale when an online purity test comes into vogue and ten bucks will buy anybody's results. Meg Manning, a ray of light among the vicious 09er crowd, is victimized by phony answers, and like a prayer Veronica is Meg's lucky star to rescue her reputation and justify our love. Computer whiz Mac, not normally a material girl, is revealed to have engineered the test to prey on the human nature of the 09ers and finance a new car from the profits. Meanwhile, Veronica's papa don't preach, but he does push Wallace's mom's unruly tenant over the borderline and force him to take a bow and leave the Fennels alone. But although they cherish each other, are Keith and Veronica really related? A visit to Abel Koontz suggests otherwise when he says that she is the result of a forbidden love between Lianne and Jake Kane. Express yourself, Veronica, but don't cry for this frozen monster's slander. ...Oops, too late.


Important Parts

  • Veronica offers to help 09er Meg Manning — one of the few 09ers who will still speak to her — after someone posts phony answers to a purity test in her name and ruins her reputation. Although her reputation can't get much worse, someone also posts fake answers for Veronica and sends an email to Duncan from her account claiming she still loves him and has VD.

  • In an attempt to figure out how someone got their hands on her and Meg's passwords, Veronica enlists the help of computer wiz Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie.

  • Veronica blackmails a confession out of Meg's jealous friend Kimmy, who is sleeping with the school's computer technician and got the passwords from him. Veronica's results were posted by another 09er who believed that Duncan is still hung up on her.

  • Mac was the one running the purity test website and used the money from selling the results to buy herself a new car.

  • Wallace's mom rethinks her dislike of the Mars family when Keith scares off their unstable and nonpaying tenant.

  • Veronica visits Abel Koontz in prison. He knows who she is, remembers her mom visiting Kane Software during lunch hours, and tells Veronica that she's the biological daughter of Jake Kane. In the parking lot, Veronica bursts into uncontrollable tears.


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