1.07 "The Girl Next Door"

Aired Nov 09, 2004


The girl next door is not really there
She's one floor up by the outside stair
She's pregnant and flighty, on the run
'Til facing her rapist with a gun.
It wasn't the man V.M. had tagged
It was the girl's horrendous stepdad.

The boy of means, he is really there
In detention with Weevil to share
Quality hoyay second to none
And forges a bond that leads to fun.
The teacher's car in flagpole is clad
By two reprobates, glad to be bad.


Important Parts

  • When Veronica's pregnant neighbor Sarah goes missing, she encourages the girl's parents to seek Keith's help to track her down. Veronica finds her with a little help from Weevil. However, Sarah's stepfather had raped her and an overwrought Sarah pulls a gun on him. Keith and Veronica overhear the confrontation and Keith shoots the stepfather in the shoulder before he can harm Sarah or her mother.

  • At school, Veronica is assigned to help gather information for a Class of '79 reunion and learns that Lianne and Jake Kane were a couple in high school.

  • In flashback, Veronica enlists Lilly to find out why Duncan has stopped speaking to her, as if they've broken up. Lilly agrees to talk to Duncan, but later tells Veronica to forget it and move on. She says that Veronica is better off this way but won't tell her why.

  • Logan and Weevil bond in detention, even conspiring to put a teacher's car around the flagpole, but Logan is suspicious when he discovers that Weevil has "Lilly" tattooed on his back. Weevil claims he has a little sister named Lilly.


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