1.06 "Return of the Kane"

Aired Nov 02, 2004


It's election night! Roll up, roll up, roll up...to the polling booths as 09er poster boy Duncan Kane takes on proletariat part-time narc Wanda Varner in the fight for the presidency. See Kane crush Varner with the help of hanging chads Madison Sinclair. Watch in amazement as everything rests on the recount, before evil prevails Duncan wins. Roll up, roll up, roll up...to the organized bum fights. See Logan crush Aaron's public image with the help of The Smoking Gun. Watch in amazement as everything rests on the publicity at the soup kitchen, before evil prevails Aaron beats the **** out of his errant son. One for the record books and a hell of a lot more interesting than the real thing.


Important Parts

  • Logan enters Duncan in the race for student body president. His main opponent is Wanda Varner, who has promised to eliminate the elitist "Pirate Point" system that unfairly provides 09ers with privileges such as getting their lunch delivered.

  • When Duncan wins the election in an unlikely landslide, Veronica investigates and discovers that 09er Madison Sinclair rigged the results. Before another vote can take place, accusations that Wanda is a narc (which prove to be right) dissillusion her fanbase and Duncan wins the second election as well. Instead of maintaining the status quo, he promises to expand the Pirate Points system to benefit non-09ers as well.

  • A boxing league featuring homeless bums run by Logan makes the news and makes his movie-star father, Aaron Echolls, angry. Logan makes Aaron's PR stunt to save face backfire by announcing that Aaron has donated half a million dollars to the local food bank and Aaron later beats Logan with a belt while Logan's mother Lynn placidly sips her drink in the next room.

  • Abel Koontz has fired his public-appointed attorney, which Keith maintains is because he's ready to die.

  • Rifling through the evidence in Keith's safe, Veronica discovers that the shoes belonging to Lilly that were found on Abel's houseboat months after her murder were in her bedroom the day after her murder.

  • After Keith changes the combination to the safe, alerting Veronica that he is aware of her snooping, she comes clean and shows him what she has discovered.


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