1.04 "The Wrath of Con"

Aired Oct 19, 2004


Like the crew on the starship Enterprise that saves the ship from destruction at the hands of the USS Reliant, Wallace's new crush Georgia is surrounded by a mass of intelligence and technological prowess. In this case, all of that badness is stored in the tiny form of Veronica Mars. Georgia relies on Veronica to help her escape, not a physically and mentally superior Khan, but a cliched and rather-obvious con game that relieved her of three thousand dollars. But who needs common sense when you're cute enough to make Wallace spend hours after school alphabetizing attendance files or willingly attending a college party dressed as a math geek with no pimp juice? Meanwhile, faced with the reality of the upcoming Homecoming Dance, Veronica remembers last year's fun time with a busty and rebellious Lilly, a romantic and virginal Duncan, and a snarky but happy Logan. Lilly's memorial service shows the impact of her death and the damage it causes to the entire USS Neptune High.


Important Parts

  • Troy asks Veronica to the Homecoming Dance, setting off multiple flashbacks of last year's Homecoming Dance. Veronica went with Duncan, Lilly went with Logan, and the foursome had an all-night limo party instead of going to the dance.

  • Troy meets Keith; this doesn't go particularly well for Troy.

  • Veronica helps Georgia, a girl Wallace has a crush on, to get her money back from a pair of college student scam artists trying to fund their development of a new computer game.

  • Logan makes a tribute video for the dedication of a memorial fountain for Lilly. Instead of using the material Celeste provided consisting of riding lessons and dance recitals, Veronica gives him a video she made from their limo party the year before.

  • Celeste is not impressed with Logan's handiwork, but Jake and Duncan laugh, then cry, at this more accurate portrayal of Lilly.

  • Weevil is also moved to tears by the video.


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