1.02 "Credit Where Credit's Due"

Aired Sep 28, 2004


Why is Paris Hilton famous? She played Caitlin Ford, the girlfriend of the cuckolded Logan Echolls, but really, why is she famous? Is she as persnickety as Veronica Mars, and as flat as God made her? No. Is she self-sacrificing like Weevil, giving up his freedom for a few months in juvie to protect his grandma from charges of credit card fraud? Nope. Does she have still waters running deep like the taciturn Duncan? Nuh-uh. Is she duplicitous, like Weevil's cousin Chardo, the real fraudster? We wouldn't like to say. Is she charming and hunky like new kid in town Troy Vandegraff? Not a chance. Is there something magical about her, like Lilly who can be photographed laughing and happy hours after her supposed time of death? Probably not. So, why is Paris Hilton famous? It's a mystery.


Important Parts

  • Veronica meets Troy Vandegraff, a new 09er, who is very interested in her; Duncan shows signs of jealousy.

  • Wallace becomes an aide in the administration office.

  • Veronica joins the journalism class and has to work with Duncan on an assignment for the school newspaper.

  • In flashback, Lilly warns Veronica that Celeste Kane will try to break up Veronica and Duncan if she can.

  • Weevil's grandmother, a housekeeper for Logan Echolls's family, is accused of stealing pre-approved credit card applications from the Echolls's trash and is arrested for credit card fraud. To get her out of jail, Weevil confesses to the crime.

  • Veronica clears Weevil by proving that his cousin Chardo is the culprit and used the credit cards to woo Logan's rich girlfriend, Caitlin Ford.

  • Abel Koontz was apprehended based on an anonymous tip, but no one collected the large reward.

  • Veronica discovers that Lilly got a speeding ticket from an automated traffic camera two hours after her supposed time of death. This means that the Kanes's alibis are no longer valid.


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