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If you have any questions about the show, the site, our marital status, or our martial arts status, email us. (So I misspelled "marital" status the first time I uploaded the page, that's no reason to get persnickety. Go ahead and sue me, I dare you...or don't, because I have no money.)

If you're an executive from UPN, CW, or the WB, and you want to sue us for copyright infringement, then "No hablamos ingles."

Dear would-be Veronica Mars webmasters,

We know you love this site, because let's face it, what's not to love, but please do not copy-and-paste word for word anything on it. That's called plagiarism and it's not nice. Ballot stuffing, spamming, and counterfeiting is fine and dandy, but stealing, especially from our site, is just plain evil.

In fact, it's so bad that we might have to kick your ass. We don't want to kick your ass. It makes our feet tired and our parole officers very unhappy. And when our gun-toting, trigger-happy, lifetime-NRA-member parole officer gets unhappy, well...let's just say he makes Aaron Echolls look like a big old teddy bear. So don't steal. And eat your veggies...and wear sunscreen...and wear your seatbelts...and for the love of Rob, please keep asking/demanding/blackmailing everyone you know to watch this show.


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