Liam Fitzpatrick

"Liam. Don't do this. Please. I have a daughter."

"We've met. Sweet girl. I'll keep an eye on her when you're gone."

Yikes! What a scary bastard!

Liam Fitzpatrick represents everything you could wish for in a drug-dealing crime lord and menacing thug-for-hire: he is vicious and brutal, money is more important to him than even his own blood, and he is so dedicated to his evilness, he even scoops down to scaring young girls in the wrong part of town with facial tattoos or drunken waltzes.

His generally more than slightly-psychotic behavior makes you wonder if he really only deals crystal meth, while his cheerful readiness to shoot Keith Mars speaks for a wonderful relationship with all kinds of law enforcement. His dealings with his family are a little more complicated, but usually consist of exploitation, verbal abuse or, in very special cases, even murder. It's no surprise, then, that Mother Fitzpatrick greatly preferred the elder, seemingly gentler brother Cormac.

He does not take kindly to being deceived, and his punishments can be as explosive as his temper, so we can only hope that he never finds out how deviously Weevil played him. At the moment, however, his anger concentrates on Keith, since he has come to believe that the private detective not only helped Kendall escape from his clutches, but is also aware where her millions went (which is technically true, since Keith donated the Van Gogh Kendall had invested the money in to the South Neptune Food Bank, but we somehow doubt Liam will be pacified by so much charity).

Taking a surprisingly uncharacteristic and relatively peaceful long-term view, Liam hired Vinnie to track down the money. When that failed, he (allegedly) backed Vinnie's campaign to replace Keith as sheriff with a unique currency — setting off a crime spree of burglaries that make Keith look incompetent and Vinnie look like . If that fails too, or succeeds but doesn't find him the money, his interest in Veronica's picture leaves us little doubt as to his next move.

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Rod Rowland plays Liam Fitzpatrick.

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