David "Curly" Moran

"It wasn't me. I know who did it."


Annnnnnnnnnd in the great tradition of people not immediately following up that statement with "It was X," Curly misses the opportunity to cut the season short by twenty episodes when he met the fists and feet of Weevil, according to the footage Thumper took with his cell phone.

Former stuntman, former con, former mechanic and now, just former, Moran's body washed up on a Neptune beach bearing the name "Veronica Mars" on his hand. The man? For a long time, he was possibly a biker, possibly an assassin, possibly a patsy, possibly an innocent facilitator. His history was as murky as his corpse was moist. A taste for Hawaiian shirts and votive candles only deepened the mystery of the man who had the goods on the bus crash. And what goods they were.

He befriended Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas, the son of one of his customers. Beaver was interested in Curly's past as a stunt coordinator and wanted to learn, to help him with the special effects on his friend's war movies. So Curly responded, going so far as to provide the boy with C-4. His repayment for his kindness? Beaver killed him with a car and wrote Veronica's name on his hand to divert suspicion from the truth.

Teaching sixteen year olds how to use explosives? Never a good idea.

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Adam Bitterman plays David "Curly" Moran.

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