David "Curly" Moran

"07-04-1997 – Assault – Los Angeles Supe…
02-01-1997 – DUI (Alcohol) – Los Angeles
11-18-1986 – Possession w/Intent to Sell
System – Imprisonment (3 years – San Qu…
08-23-1984 – Possession w/Intent to Sel…
Court – Fine ($300) Probation (1 year)
04-05-1982 – DUI (Methamphetamine) – S…
License Suspended"

Former stuntman, former con, former mechanic and now, just former, Moran's body washed up on a Neptune beach bearing the name "Veronica Mars." The man? Possibly a biker, possibly an assassin, possibly a patsy. His history is as murky as his present is moist. A taste for Hawaiian shirts and votive candles only deepens the mystery.

Bio as of 2.03 "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang"
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Adam Bitterman plays David "Curly" Moran.

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